A Speech on Dropping a Year Helps Students or Not?

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here. I would like to welcome you all to this event and hope all of you are able to leave here with a new perspective on our educational structure. Most of the times students are in a dilemma regarding what should be the next step they are supposed to be taking; whether to go for further studies or look for a job or what direction they should head to with their studies and all of this questions are really common among the students  and most of the time they fail to find the answer for it.

students spend a lot of time deciding their next step and making a move that their time runs out and they end up dropping a year, while another group of students drop a year to have a better preparation for their college and to prepare themselves for the entrance examinations. While this may seem as the right thing to do or the wrong move in the academic path, the real question is; does dropping a year help students or not?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the individual mindset of the student to understand if the student requires this break or not. The popular opinion is that dropping a year doesn’t really help in the future as it may seem odd in the resume and in their future ventures that they missed one whole productive year.

After missing a whole academic year, when a student applies for admissions in a reputed college, it may act as a hindrance as the fresh batch of students are often given preference in the admission process. This opinion of being considered secondary, pushes the student to rush into admissions  and sometimes they end up feeling dissatisfied with the decisions they have made.

The pressure the student feels is again something very personal and because of that we can neither pressure someone into not dropping a year or force someone to take time to think about their decisions. What matters the most is that the decision taken by the student is not under pressure and they have a clear vision of the direction they want to head to. To many adults and guardians, dropping a year might not seem like a good idea and they put the students through intense pressure to perform better and make faster decisions.

Dropping a year might help students in making the right decision or might give them enough time to ponder about the options they have, but the taboo round dropping a year and the difficulties in getting the priority after a break might discourage the students from taking this step.

It is time that all of us learn to accept that not every student out there is built to perform under pressure and sometimes they need to take a break from their hectic schedule to sit back and look at their journey.

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