A Speech on “Should People with More than One Dui Lose Their Driver’s License?

Driving under the influence (DUI) is an abbreviation used under the motor vehicle department, which is basically a crime or an offense of driving or having the control of any motor vehicle while contained by any kinds of drugs (prescribed or recreational) or alcohol to an extent where the individual is not capable of handling a motor vehicle safely.

This law was created to ensure the safety of each and every individual, it can be the driver or even the people on the streets. A minimum of 30 people die every day due to drunk driving on an average, thus resulting in a huge amount of the population to vanish just like that. Laws have been strict where those drivers would lose their driver’s license for a whole year. 

Today the nation is filled with cars day by day. Everyone who turned eighteen are surely getting their driver’s license and buying their own cars and setting out onto the streets. Most of people have no idea of the huge responsibility they have while sitting on the driver’s seat. Everyone, especially the younger drivers are often willing and obsessed with rash and fast driving, some prefer to hear loud music or speak over the phone while driving.

They never think about their life as that of the others on the street. They are often so confident about their driving skills until they meet with an accident. Another point about the young drivers is that their age is set to attend a lot of parties and pubs, where they might be exposed to alcohol and drugs; and drunk driving one of the major cases reported in the U.S.

Generally, the law punishes an individual for DUI by losing the driver’s license for a whole year. If the same individual tends to repeat this crime, then their driver’s license should be canceled for more years or for life. These people shouldn’t be allowed to drive a motor vehicle that does not have a value for life or respect the motor safety rules.

Effects of such drug or alcohol intake could reduce concentration and affect the minds making it incapable for a person to drive, and thus might lead to self-injuring or hitting anyone on the streets. When a person is under the influence of any such drugs or alcohol, naturally their instincts get slower and so they won’t be able to react quickly causing a high risk for accidents to take place.

By setting up such strict rules would keep these people from making or repeating such offenses as they have a whole year or more to sit and think to avoid drunk driving incidents. Some people might even argue that revoking the license for a whole year or may be more is too harsh on them, but on the bright side it sets control over them to be responsible towards the society. After all, it is to save lives.

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