58+ Best Employee Barbeque Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Barbeque is referred to the method of cooking itself where the food is cooked outside such as in a backyard or a park or a beach and even in rooftop or a parking lot.

It is usually done by smoking the meat over wood charcoal which is the reason why it is a mouthful cooking method. As we all know that meals can bring people together and hence the concept of having a barbeque session with your Friends is a great idea.

Barbeques are organized to appreciate the employees for all their hard work as well as builds an important channel of communication.But as they say, the party is as good as the number of attendees.

so below is a list of Invitation wording ideas that may help you to gather your employees for a Barbeque Party

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Employee Barbeque Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • It’s a great moment for the company to invite to our annually organized Barbeque Event on (date). Please be there for the day at (location).
  • We have shared such wonderful moments with our employees over the years. Let’s share another at our yearly held Employee Barbeque on (date & location).
  • Because we appreciate everything that you have been doing for our company, we would like to have at the Barbeque party held on (date & location).
  • Simmer is here so is the perfect time to have a barbeque party. You are cordially invited to attend the annual employee barbeque party held on (date & location).

_Dear fellow employee, it is with great pleasure that I would like to personally invite you tour employee Barbeque party held at (location) on (date).

_Roses are red and the sky is blue, so we would like to let you know how much we appreciate you. So please join us for the Employee Barbeque party on (date & location).

_With sincere appreciation towards your work ethics, we would gladly like to have you at our Barbeque held at (location) on (date).

_You are cordially invited to the annually organized Barbeque Party held as an expression of appreciation. Please be there on (date) at the (venue).

_The partners of (organization name) would like to thank you for all your hard work and would like cordially as well to our employee barbeque party on (date).

_The pool will be open and the grill will be on for the yearly held barbeque party on (date). Do join us at the (venue) for a wonderful day.

_The best thing about summer are the cookout session that we all thoroughly enjoy. So please join us at this year’s Barbeque event held on (date & location).

_All work and no play make our employees a bit crank towards us. So we have arranged an Barbeques event for you to attend on (date) at (location).

_Hear me and rejoice as the occasion of Day out is finally here. We will be expecting your presence at the annual barbeque party held on (date & location).

_Summer brings along a lot of things but amongst those the cookout sessions are the best. Hence we would like to invite you to our Barbeque party on (date).

_Hot Dogs and Hamburgers will be on the grill so whatever you like just go for it at this year’s Employee Barbeque party held on (date & location).

_The Company has arranged a nice garden party for all its employees and staff. Do join us on (date) as the garden party will be incomplete without you and Barbeque.

_For all your hard-work and dedication, the company has organized an Barbeque session just for you. Please join us at the (venue) on (date).

_An employee popped the question and the Boss said yes. So we are having a nice Barbeque party this week at the (venue).

_It’s time of the year where we will see who can eat more hot dogs and hamburgers at the annually organized Barbeque party. Hope to see you on (date).

_We would like to congratulate you for your excellent performance over the years and its time we reward you at our Barbeque party on (date).

_The teamwork of employees like you has won us championships. Hence it is my pleasure to ivite you to our annually held Barbeque Party on (date).

_You have done a lot for the company and the company is extremely glad to invite you and the family to attend our employee Barbeque event on (date).

_The Company delighted to invite you to attend our annually arranged Barbeque party. We will be expecting your presence at the party on (date).

_Barbeque is a way of life and we all should learn this desirable method of cooking. So join us for an employee Barbeque held at the office premises on (date).

_A Barbeque Party without any decorations, a beautiful summer garden with its vibrant splendor is surely enticing enough for you attend our employee Barbeque party on (date).

_There will be guitars and whiskey at the company’s annual employee Barbeque party held at the (venue) on (date). We’d be glad to see you at the event.

_You and the team are cordially invited to our Barbeque party as an expression of our gratitude for all the hard-work you have all done this whole year.

_The management of (Company name) is delighted to invite you to come out and enjoy good food and fun at the annually organized Barbeque Party.

_Let’s celebrate the nights and mornings of teamwork that turned us from employees to a family with an Barbeque on (date). Join us for another fun session.

_Barbeque makes everyone think that they can cook better than any world-class chefs. Would you like to become a chef for a day? Then join us for an Barbeque on (date)

_Chicken burgers, Got dogs and many more, you name it. Everything will be there at the annual Employee Barbeque party. We’ll be expecting you on (date).

_Many things have changed but the dedication of employees like you remains the same. We are glad to invite to invite you to our Employee Barbeque party on (date).

_Summer is the time when air feels fresh and it is our duty to make the air feel crisp with our Barbeque party on (date). Do join us for a fun day.

_Life does not revolve around the company but rather our dedicated employees. So let us thank you with an employee barbeque party on (date). It’d be great to see you.

_This is to inform you that we are extremely satisfied with your work and hence the company has arranged an employee Barbeque session to which you are cordially invited.

_We are going to celebrate our fellow colleagues’ achievement at the annually organized Employee Barbeque party on (date). Your presence is very much expected.

_Summer has come about and the only thing remains is yearly held Barbeque. So please join us for a fun day filled with good foods and company.

_We are fired up for the annually held Barbeque party on (date). I hope you come hungry and are ready to enjoy a delightful afternoon.

_This Memorial Day our company has organized an employee Barbeque at the beautiful garden by our office on (date). You are cordially invited to attend the party. 

_Now that the winter is over, The company has would like to invite you for an outdoor frilling at the Barbeque party held on (date & location).

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What to write in an Employee BBQ party invitation?

  • Write a formal note stating the reason for the party
  • Mention the venue and the timings 
  • Make sure to make every employee feel important 
  • Thank the employees for their contributions together

How to respond to an Employee BBQ party invitation?

  • Send a thank-you note for the invitation 
  • Let them know you are glad to be colleagues
  • Congratulate on hosting the party 
  • Make sure to mention that you are looking forward to the evening

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