A Speech on Fame Is Bad for Young Children

Fame at a mature age also can sometimes be challenging to manage. Now, if we talk about fame for young children or fame at a very young age can be even more dangerous. It puts unrealistic expectations on teenagers, which can mess up their state of mind. Practically no one is ever ready for the limelight, and kids who are young and haven’t experienced much of life are definitely not prepared.

People who became famous too early in their life often got affected in negative ways in the future. A celebrity lifestyle comes with the stress of the celebrity press, threatening letters or calls, no privacy, and constant monitoring of their lives. These stress factors often lead to depression and can even lead to suicidal thoughts and drug addiction.

One such celebrity gone bad is Lindsay Lohan. Lohan began her career as well as her pathway to fame from an early age of 3, and as she was in her 20s, her career had a sudden downfall. She was typically born into the industry and was not allowed to enjoy a normal childhood like any other child.

Chris Kelly came to the limelight for his rapping skills just as a young teenager, and unfortunately, he suffered a drug overdose at the age of 34 and died out of it. Forcing and bringing kids into the industry when they are just a kid who should enjoy their boyhood and are immature can lead to them experimenting with substances.

There are so many celebrities who died due to the pressure of fame. Children and teens don’t even find themselves until they are in their 20s, and when out of a sudden they start getting money and privileges, it can get to their heads. Every child needs a normal childhood. Every child needs to develop and gain real-life experiences.

There are many people and many causes that are to be blamed for this problem. Mostly there is a severe impact of social media in this, and the way it makes celebrity victims can be depressing sometimes. Every person has his own insecurities and expectations to live up to, but a celebrity has double the amount. Not only that, they need to please their family, friends as well as the outside world, and their fans. When they fail to live up to these expectations, social media turns into a platform where celebrities are bullied and assaulted.

One can say that the media shouldn’t be blamed because everyone has the right to share their own opinions. But we also cannot deny the fact that media creates an unhealthy environment for such young stars. 

There are uncountable times when people forget that celebrities are human too, and they can make mistakes like any other human being. But the only difference is that if a celebrity makes a mistake in his life then everybody gets to know about it.

Young stars usually are only concerned with the glamorous side of fame; therefore, once they become members of the industry, it can be easy to influence them.

Daniel Radcliffe, in a recent interview, said that as a young star, he used to drink excess. While shooting for Harry Potter, he used to drink daily and even used to go to the set drunk. He said fame brought these pressures, including the expectations to live up to an image he “had in his mind about how it feels to be a famous actor” He used alcohol to cope with this enormous pressure, and this led to his drinking to go out of control.

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