A Speech on How Fashion Ruins the Kids of Today

A warm good (—) to one and all present here. I am sure all of you will agree with me when I say that today’s children are victims of fashion. I would like to speak about how fashion ruins the kids of today. 

Fashion is largely related to trending clothes, accessories, and footwear. Children nowadays are more responsive to fashion trends as compared to children a decade ago. Even small children are aware of the latest fashion trends and insist on following them.

In my opinion, there is an age to become aware of such trends. Children should specialize in studies; however, they’re spending most of their time following the style and are neglecting their studies. Students should be aiming for his or her careers and future but instead, they’re getting influenced by various TV commercials and other kinds of media that appeal to them directly. This is often very harmful to their future career within the long term. 

There has been an observational debate that fashions are destroying the youngsters as they’re inclined towards trending fashion products and are making their parents spend huge money on the garments and accessories. They are also very stubborn about this and will not listen to their parents when told not to focus on such things. When children do this, their peers and classmates are also pressurized to follow the same so as not to be left out.

Boys are focused on their hair very much and wear clothes that they are told will impress girls and their friends. If we observe, we can notice how boys start wearing gel on their hair and wear low-waist pants from a very early age. Girls, on the opposite hand, have become attentive to their weight and appearance that they often skip meals or eat little or no to appear slim which is incredibly harmful to their health and development.

On their own, they’re experimenting with diet pills and supplements which is an unhealthy practice. Also, students have gotten their hair treated with bleach, colors, and chemical products without knowing their harmful side-effects.

Earlier, the focus of children was to be in a very healthy competition among classmates and friends about who will score better within which subject or who will outshine the others in sports, music, dramatics, debate, etc. But now it’s more about competition for the newest fashion accessories and garments.

It is necessary to move with time, but there is a limit to everything. Parents must make sure that their children are not addicted to fashion. They should not be given much exposure to fashion magazines, movies, or materials which make them feel like staying in fashion is an absolute necessity. This will not only hinder their lives but will also hinder the lives of tier peers. Parents should not encourage their children to dress up or attend fashion shows. Though it may seem cute at that time, you should know that there are harmful effects to this behavior. Let children stay innocent while they can.

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