Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased? – Speech

Good morning everyone and welcome to this event. I deem it my honor in being provided with this opportunity to speak and share my opinions with this gathering here today. I believe that all of us present here started at the very basic level when we started our careers and we all know how difficult it was for us at the onset of our journey.

That is why I have decided to bring up the idea of increasing the federal minimum wage. The federal minimum wage is the least amount of remuneration that the employer is expected to pay all of his employees and that is what many people are making their living out of and the families that survive on these minimum wages have a very low quality of standard of living.

The federal wage has been the same for so many years but the prices of commodities have increased to such an extent that those numbers do nothing to improve the quality of living of these people. The quality of the federal minimum income has fallen drastically over the past few years for the same reason.

Raising the minimum wage will also increase consumer spending, which means that the people will start to spend more on buying things and that is exactly what a business needs to strive for, and the striving of these businesses means the growth of the economy which is beneficial for most people out there.

Not only does the economy benefit from the increase in these wages, but also increased wages mean a reduction in employee absenteeism and higher productivity. Higher productivity is a result of increased confidence and morale boost which is heavily influenced by the paid one receives for the work that they do.

Smaller businesses have also begun to support the increase in the minimum wage for the benefits it is bound to reap in the long run. The role that the wage increase is bound to play in the reduction of employee turnover which will eventually result in the businesses saving on training and recruitment costs is immense and should be considered while debating about the need to increase the federal minimum wage.

It is a popular belief that raising the minimum wage kills jobs but contrary to popular belief many studies conducted by various economists have shown that the increase in the federal minimum wage does not destroy job availability.

A rise in the minimum wage predominantly benefits low-wage workers, precisely those most likely to put additional income directly back into the economy, kick-starting a virtuous cycle of greater demand for goods and services, job growth, and increased productivity.

In conclusion, the increase in the federal minimum wage might not make much difference to the top tier management that makes these decisions but it will create such an impact on the lives of these minimum wage workers that will be felt by the businesses and the economy in the long run, as it will create a cycle of the demand and supply chain.

Are there any cases where athletes should be allowed to use steroids?

Good (—) to one and all present here. I am here today to talk to you about whether or not there are any cases where athletes should be allowed to use steroids. The steroids taken by athletes are performance enhancers and are used to give them more stamina and strength before their event.

There were many cases of steroid usage by athletes a long time ago in the Olympics. The International Amateur Athletic Federation is a sporting organization that introduced the first official ban on simulating substances and performance and answers in 1928.

Using such anabolic steroids causes major health risks and regulates the athlete’s bodies but it is still known to be used widely. In my opinion drug usage has increased so much because of the high expectations and pressure the athletes to go through from their sponsors as well as fans.

It is frowned upon if the athlete does not perform in every single match as they are expected to keep a high-level standard. According to my opinion, there should be no exception in not allowing athletes to use steroids. Using steroids and winning is cheating. Every athlete has his own set of rules and ethics to be followed.

Using drugs is illegal and is against ethics and fair play. It is a huge threat to the sportsman spirit of every athlete and a nightmare to those who cannot take these steroids. Not only does it spoil the game it is also a major health risk and causes severe health problems soon or later to the athlete.

The usage of such steroids and performance enhancers show their disrespect towards the game and its rules and laws. It shows the lack of respect for themselves as well as other participants.

People who are talented and deserving do not get the opportunity to play fair. Today behind the scenes there are a lot of athletes who were forced to take these drugs for the sake of making money. By doing this they are not only fooling themselves and their other Shallow participants there are also following their fans and the game itself.

The winner of a sport must always have the best combination of body strength, willpower, and training. Drugs are never to be brought near this. It is high time that such practices are stopped and athletes are trained in a way that they can give their best in a match and not through artificially induced stamina and strength.

Sport is a place where you can display courage, wisdom, strength and determination, patience and the fruit of your hard work full stop never spoil it by bringing anything which is not suitable to the ethics of the play. By using drugs you are biologically manipulating yourself which is never a good thing. Sports should stop being commercialized and should focus more on players and their talents instead of making money and bringing Fame. Play fair and let the best win what they deserve. Thank you.

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