A Speech on “Should Female Students Be Allowed to Play on Male Sports Teams?

Many arguments can be formed on the facts of gender, which are very common in many nations which are in support of patriarchal system. Girls are mostly being deprived in those countries and areas for stating their weakness in the physical ability. Most men of such societies believe themselves as more powerful and strong compared to the girls of the country. As an example we can consider the topic that whether girls can be allowed to participate in the boy’s sports team or not.

In my opinion the answer must always be positive where men and women both can have the eqquality to play sports and both the gender are not inferior to each other.

We can know from our history that both men and women used to work out for earning their livelihood in that period of time. So the conception that woman are physically weak and unable does not really has any value in the world at all. We can have many cases where women are working in similar situation and with strong competition with men in the difficult jobs where physical strength is very important. This strength in women can be displayed by playing some powerful games which are considered of not their level.

We can argue that there should be a rule about the fact that, men and women both can participate in a single team. When someone is forced of being exposed to the tough situations he or she will eventually become habituated to those situations. We all argue about the eqquality of women every single day but the real women empowerment do not lies in just offering them the power to vote and shout against the problems of domestic violence. But, we have to follow the path of eqquality in a real aspect where they are able to do any work as per their choices.

To conclude this never ending argument we can say that women and girls always have the right to play in the boy’s team. This will give a new confidence to think that men and women both are same and equal in our society. In problematic situations, they can support and aid each other with the same power as that of men.

The real value of feminism and women empowerment can be showed by taking those types of initiatives which provide the same rights in an original sense to the women. This is the process by which this great revolution in the society where both the sex celebrate their equal rights and role in the growth of their nation. Many developed countries are growing by following this structure. 

In this way we can help our nation to proceed in the path of immense progress in the future.

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