A Speech on “Should Flag Burning as A Form of Protest Be Illegal?”

Burning the flag is always considered as an unnecessary act of vandalism. This kind of act comes under the first Law, the Free to Expression of speech and this activity is considered under “symbolic speech”. Here the person will be willing to express his opinions through actions and the viewer would definitely get the message properly.

Back in the 20th century, this was considered a crime if the flag was burned, mutilated, or disrespected. The first act of flag protection was initialized in 1968. This act should be continued to keep the national properties safe from misuse. A flag is a symbol of the nation and by burning it for any kind of protest is to shame your country and raise a fight against the nation. 

The Flag Desecration Amendment also is known as the flag-burning amendment is a law proposed in the United States that would allow the U.S.Congress to provide punishments to those who harm or burn the national flag. This is to protect people from further heated conflicts, uphold the liberty of the nation and also preserve freedom of speech. The term flag desecration not just means burning, but also it is a punishable offense if anyone uses the flag as a form of clothing or napkins.

Yes, there is a clear differentiation between forced and authentic patriotism. Burning the flag is truly an offensive act, but is it also political in nature. We all could accept the fact that no one would completely agree to the government and their decisions even though they say it is for the betterment of our future and our nation.

Most of the time it is a political act to stay superior and have access toward all the law and control over the citizens, and as a citizen, we would not like to be treated badly. The best way to fight against these political views is to raise your disapproval through words rather than banning the choice to express itself. Every citizen has the right to express their views against painful or unacceptable matters by not hurting anyone else or by not damaging any of the nation’s properties. 

The national flag is always the symbol of our nation and what it stands for. By burning our national symbol, we are creating hatred between many citizens as well as mainly with the government institutions. We should always remember to protect and respect our nation and its other symbols like the anthem and flag.

The best examples are the soldiers who still fight over the borders and for our nation to protect our freedom and the integrity of which the flag stands for. Burning the flag is an act of cruelty over those armed forces who consider their nation not as a piece of land but their sacred land and the flag not as a piece of cloth but a holy symbol of faith and belief over their nation. We should always make sure we maintain this respect over the national properties. 

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