101+ Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

Fun is required in one’s life. In case you happen to be in love, you like to see that smile on her face at all times. Funny sayings for her will be a nice idea since it will allow you to have some good times along with her.

Even though you might be far from her, you can share these fantastic sayings with her on social media.

These quotations will help to express your romance and will also bring a bright smile to her face, which will provide you with tremendous happiness. Below, we have mentioned some well-known and funny sayings for her that you should take into consideration.

Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

-Any boy understands that he is madly in love when he does not find his car to be interesting for several days.

-In any relationship, some sort of jealousy is really a healthy symptom. It is heartening to know that somebody is frightened of losing you.

-As per the law of love, it is not possible to either create or destroy love. Nevertheless, it will be able to create a girlfriend who can make you spend a lot of money.

-My doctor informed me that I would never suffer from arrhythmia. However, your presence of yours is definitely proving him to be wrong.

Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

-Am I too beautiful for you, or do you still require that pack of cigarettes?

-I will charm you in such a way that you will forget your whiskey once and for all.

-My full name of mine happens to be Marvelous. You ought to be beautiful!

-Just like you, I have never gone to the moon. We have loads of similarities.

-Hello, I am Peter Samuels. Can we have a stroll so that we feel better in each other’s company?

-Girl, I already know what you performed last summer. Do you want to do the same thing this season when?

-How could you do this without my knowledge? After all, I am your best friend on earth. Hopefully, you will never repeat the mistake again in the future.

-Love is similar to sharing your popcorn of yours.

-Ever caught me looking at chocolate cakes? Can you look at me that way?

-You like to know who I am in love with at present, right? Go through the first word once again.

-My belly! I love you from there. I would have liked to tell my heart, but my belly is larger.

-In case you lend me a kiss, I make a vow that I will also give you back.

-While I am with you, I feel not only one butterfly but the entire zoo within my stomach.

-You say you adore flowers, and I see you plucking them. Although you love animals, you always consume them. Therefore, whenever you tell me you love me, I am really scared.

-It is a fact that I love you more than my chocolate cake, but do not force me to prove it.

-I am of the notion that you have a deficit of vitamin ME.

-After my adorable puppy, you are the best thing I have ever loved in this world.

Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

-Every day, I love you even more. I do not know where it is going to end in the long run.

-The love is growing every day. It will be interesting to see where it ends over time.

-You are the butter to my popcorn.

-Apart from chocolate, you are my preferred person.

-I think you are a magician. The reason for this is that whenever I look at you, everybody disappears from my sight.

-My favorite place is everywhere when you are there with me.

-Let both of us be together for the last days of our life. We are not going to get separated.

-I can compare you to a dictionary because you help to add meaning to my life of mine.

-Every woman wants a man who will protect her from all adversities. God has sent you from heaven, who does that exactly for me.

Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

-You are similar to beer and chocolate. You simply make everything feel so better.

-Let us try to flip a coin. If it is tails, then you are mine and if it is headed, then I am yours.

-I am in love with you even when I feel really, really hungry.

-Since our relationship, you have done two things to me. You have added meaning to my life and subtracted cash from my purse.

-I am planning for revenge since he has stolen my heart. I will be taking his last name.

-At times, I stare at my boyfriend and think that he is a fortunate man.

-I believe that men who have pierced ears are ideal for marriage. The reason for this is that they have experienced pain and have also purchased jewelry.

-Do not wait for your prince but rather venture out and find him. The poor guy might be stuck in a desert or something.

-The best way to make your husband remember your anniversary will be to tie the knot with him on his birthday.

-Archaeologists are perfect partners. He will become more and more interested in her while she ages.

-Love happens to be like a fire. You will never be able to tell whether it will burn down your residence or warm your heart.

Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

-It is very simple to fall in love; however, it is really awful to get out of love.

-When it comes to a woman, the initial kiss is the beginning of everything. However, when it comes to a man, the initial kiss signifies the end of everything.

-While girls are going to express their emotions by means of tears, boys usually do the same by means of beer.

-Girls are going to cry till their eyes become dry; however, boys are going to drink beer till their mugs become dry.

-In case a hug would be able to signify how much I love you, I am going to hold you forever in my arms.

Funny Love Quotes To Make Her Smile

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