A Speech on “The glass ceiling”

Good (—) students. Have you ever heard of the phenomenon “glass ceiling”? It refers to invisible barriers that prevent you from pursuing your goals. This concept is usually used in workplaces, where you say that there is a glass ceiling for the achievements that you can make and that sky is not the limit.

Often, these glass ceilings come in the form of discriminations that you face because of your gender, race, status, etc. Glass ceiling is a psychological concept that can bring stress, mood-disorders, lower self-esteem, and may affect the mental well-being of the person.

Women are the ones who are affected by this concept the most. As always, there is a limit to which a woman can grow in her career. It is on very rare occasions that women come to higher positions in companies and organizations. This was most evident a few years ago, especially during the mid-1980s, but now times are changing and women are more empowered than before. Even after all these, there are still some companies that follow this tradition, knowingly or unknowingly.

Sadly, women have to prove themselves worthy to reach positions men easily occupy. It is a disappointment that even after women have proven their skills in managerial tasks, they are still discriminated against in some places. Some companies still provide women with lesser salaries than men even though they share the same rank, position, and responsibilities. All these have been proved after research and surveys conducted in various companies and institutions. Glass ceiling effect affects people mentally and physically. They start to doubt their abilities and potentialities and conclude that they only deserve what they get.

I am here to tell you that you should not stop when you see a glass ceiling on top of you. You should break it and move forward believing that sky’s the limit. Never doubt your capabilities and potentialities. It is never your fault if your superiors don’t believe in you. If you find a glass ceiling at your workplace, don’t hesitate to report it to your senior authorities. If they still try to put you down, proudly walkout. The place doesn’t deserve you. If you are corporate managers or anyone from the managing authority, recognize the value of authority.

Never discriminate based on gender or any other ground. Consider every person equally and know that everyone deserves the chance to grow. Encourage and ensure the active participation and representation of women in all important meetings, decisions, and positions. 

People need recognition for their efforts. It is a basic human need. If they remain stagnant at their position even after working hard day and night, it will cause frustration and stress in them which leads to a decrease in job satisfaction, and will eventually lose interest in their work. The world is changing. Changes have to reach every sphere of the society. It is high time people bid goodbye to such stereotypes and give people the recognition they deserve based on their abilities.

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