Should Physical Education Classes Be Graded? – Speech (587 Words)

Gym classes which are often known as Physical education classes are graded based on a child’s physical strength towards sports and exercise activities. In most states, these grades affect the total grading average of a student to get into good colleges or universities.

This grading system might seem harsh on the kids sometimes, but good physical fitness is also important. I wouldn’t appreciate adding gym grades along with the student’s overall GPAs. 

Each student is unique in their special way; some might not even be athletic. Their physical build, as well as energy, also vary. Gym classes are supposed to be fun-filled which has to be the source of enjoyment for the kids.  It is also seen around girls that they do not enjoy running miles or playing heavy sports or games.

In most cases, if a child is not physically built properly to attain good grades, he or she might have to face a lot of embarrassing moments or even be bullied by others. That is not truly their fault for not having an interest in games or sports. 

Physical education is carried out in all schools to make sure children get fun breaks, and relaxing periods, and also to maintain a fit and healthy body and mind. These hours could help children forget the academic stress they face every day, and enjoy playtime which would prepare their minds to recharge, stay positive, and give better results at school.

If these classes are to be counted for their overall GPAs, then the grades must be given according to the effort and participation they have put forth in each game or physical activity session.

In many schools, the winners are considered to get higher grades, increasing their chances of getting into better colleges or universities. Most of the universities give higher importance to their sports teams, which is good for those who are good at sports, but none of them accept students with low academic grades.

A higher chance to get into good universities is if the child balances his or her GPAs, both for physical education and academics. It is the responsibility of the school authorities to train their students well enough to attain enough scores physically and intellectually. Teachers are always up for helping each student if they come forward in need of help. 

As mentioned above, by training our students to attain a good grade in physical education we should keep in mind that it should never be forceful, that the child could face a harder time like dizziness, dehydration, or fall ill. We should only grade them according to their talent and effort, not how much time they spend on it. Physical education should teach the students the importance of maintaining a healthy body, not to push them too hard for higher grades and end up hurting themselves both mentally and physically.

Let’s make gym classes more fun than any kind of punishment.

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