A Speech on “It’s Important to Grow Things in A Garden.”

We all want to have some tasting food! But nothing is as tasty as the fresh, home-grown vegetables and fruits. Every cooking or food suddenly becomes delicious and the flavor just radiates in your mouth and mind.  Those are also full of various important nutrients and substances to build our good health.

Home-grown foods are always safer than the other ones.  By growing our own food in our garden, we don’t have to worry about the fear of contamination like the vegetables that we collect from the farms, manufacturing plants or some during delivery process. If it’s in your home-garden, it’s the safest one.

Our home-grown items always provide us with better health. Preparing the soil for gardening, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting all these steps force you to outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and also burning some excess calories while you’re busy. Gardening is also a great way to relax our mind and make our mind stress and anxiety free. 

The foods that are grown in our garden are always full of various types of helpful and important nutrients that are really needed by our body. Some studies prove that organically grown food has more good and important vitamins and minerals than the vegetables grown with the help of fertilizers and harmful pesticides. 

Another good side is less food waste. When we toil ourselves to grow some veggies by our own hand and giving our hard-labor, we definitely don’t want to let them go waste or be eager to throw the old ones like those from the market or farms.

 Home-gardening also helps us to keep our environment more breathable and less polluted. Believe that, a garden is nurtured by you helps the planet to be a better one. Growing food without the harmful fertilizers and pesticides reduces the chances of air and water pollution, and also the usage of less bio fuels or fossil fuel, as there is no need to transport the vegetables from the markets or farms across the country or even around the globe.

Taking care of them and watching them live and grow under your good care provides you with a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure that’s hard to explain through words. It’s fun work as this also help you to see your vegetables and fruits as one of your family members, they will respond to your love with their colorful appearances and fresh attraction. 

This always helps in saving energy. The uses of many heavy machines misuse the important and valuable energies and the fuels. But growing them in your backyard won’t have any type of energy misusing properties, thus in a way helping our nation as well.

Home-gardening immensely help in the fight against soil erosion. In modern days, farmers face the worst problem called the soil erosion in history — that is more and more increasing each and every year! But the crop grown in our home backyard rather than a business farm helps in reducing this very real problem

Thus it is really very important to grow things in a garden.

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