A Speech on “If You Had the Power, What Would You Change?”

Greetings to one all present here. I am here to speak about what I would change if I had the power. I am sure all of us have certain thoughts and ideas as to what they could do if they had the power or superpowers to do so. 

If I had the power, I would eliminate negative thoughts and feelings of hatred, jealousy, greed, selfishness, and ignorance from the minds of the people. Imagine how wonderful and perfect a world without such negative feelings would be. Imagine how peaceful it would be without people conspiring against each other or killing each other for their own needs and benefits. There would be no terrorism and war against each other’s lands, countries, and people. All people would live in peace and perfect harmony.

People won’t be killed gruesomely. Families will not be left to live in the wilderness. Children would not be orphans. There will be no violence. People will be accepted for who they are without having to face judgments or shaming. People can achieve their goals and ambitions and others will help them reach there, unlike now where people try to put each other down through competitions and using unfair means to hurt them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Another benefit of this is that poverty would be eradicated from this world. Without jealousy, greed, and selfishness, people will help one another grow. Those who have will generously give to those who don’t. People will not have to die on the streets due to a lack of money, food, shelter, and clothing. All people will be alike and there will not exist a structure dividing people based on money, class, color, race, gender, or creed.

There will be qualified on all levels. Women will be able to walk on the road peacefully without having to fear predators who will rape and kill them. Parents can stay home without fear when their children are out in the world. Children won’t have to face the horrors of being compared with others or being outnumbered based on their level of intelligence, lack of communicative skills, sexuality, or anything for that matter. They wouldn’t have to live in constant fear of bullying which mentally tortures them day and night.

There also won’t be cruelty towards animals. People will not kill and destroy the animal kingdom for their selfish pleasures and entertainment. People will be more considerate of all creatures, including plants, forests, and trees.

Although I know it is not possible, I will start by bringing a change in myself. Similarly, if everyone in the world can think this way and make a change within themselves first, it will make a huge difference. If we join hands to make the world we live in a safe haven, we are sure to succeed in it, because if we stay united, nothing can stop us. Let this be an eye-opener and food for thought. Thank you and have a pleasant day.

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