A Speech on “The Happiest Time I’ve Ever Had”

A cordial welcome to each and everyone present here, It’s my pleasure to be part of this gathering, and share the happiest time I have ever had with all of you. Everyone will have their own set of wishes, it might be as simple as buying an ice cream to building your own home.

Just like anyone else. I  am also a person who gets happy easily for small things, and this is because in the busy days we often forget to cherish the moments and often get carried away in a race to complete the routine for the day. But apart from all of this, the happiest day in my life is when I learned to stand for myself and my decision.

During my high school, there came a time when I had to decide what to do in life next, I had made the decision that I wanted to become a doctor by any means, no matter how hard it would be.

But in a family full of engineers, I knew it would be a great deal to convince my family regarding my decision. Whenever I would initiate a conversation that I wanted to become a doctor, I was always ignored.  I felt in between my opinionated sister, what I thought would not matter and as a result, I would never voice out my opinion on my future.

But the day came when I cleared the entrance to this reputed university. I was elated, as the test was really a difficult one and one in a hundred would be  able to clear it. 

I was really proud and when I had informed my family about this, to my surprise no one was interested in it, as usual, I was given a deaf ear and they continued to force me and try to influence me to opt for engineering rather than medicine. This time I thought it is high time I need to speak up for myself. That day , I was stuck to my decision and told my family that I would like to do medicine .

As usual it was not welcoming. I still stood adamant to my decision and which I do not regret until today. If only I had given in to their opinions I would have led a life with least interest and a guilt of not standing up to myself. That is the day when I was the happiest as I was able to take a decision and prove that I am not wrong.

Days passed on and there came my graduation day. My dreams came true. It was the happiest day in my life. All the struggle and all the pain really did pay off well. As I got down stage I felt a sense of relief and satisfaction within me.At this point I would like to emphasize that no matter how big your dream is ,a small  will lead to life full of satisfaction and happiness.Hope this speech can inspire and help to achieve your dreams.

Thank you!

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