Happy 40th Birthday Wishes: 154+ Messages to Wish

Use this chance to encourage someone to thoroughly enjoy her birthday and the joy that her forties will offer. 

In honor of the birthday milestone celebration, we have compiled the greatest and most heartfelt 40th birthday wishes.

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What to write for 40th birthday

If you’re reading this, you’re either nearing your 40th birthday (and doing your best to embrace it) or someone you love is, and you want to make sure the 40th birthday greeting you share with her is flawless.

Below are some ideas:

The wonderful thing about becoming older is that you retain all of your previous ages. Happy birthday.

You cannot avoid aging, but you do not have to get old. Happy birthday.

Age is a strange thing. Some individuals allow it to have an impact on their lives, while others merely regard it as a fresh chance to live longer like you. Happy birthday.

The significance of this day is not the burial of your youth but a celebration of your life. Remember this always. Happy birthday.

Remember that you are the ideal age. Every year is unique and valuable since you only get to live it once. Be at ease with becoming older. Happy birthday.

This is no joke: four decades of brilliance! So let’s toast to forty more years of joy, success, and health! 

Life starts at 40. May you succeed in all your endeavors. Happy 40th, you! 

Best wishes for a wonderful 40th birthday. You are now young enough to accomplish anything you desire and experienced enough to know what you want.

Funny happy 40th birthday sayings quotes

It’s actually the first chance we get to mock our loved ones for becoming older. 

You may send humorous but not cruel birthday greetings to your loved ones by using these amusing 40th birthday phrases.

Birthdays are beneficial to you. You live longer if you have more! Happy birthday.

The nicest thing about being older is that you didn’t do most of your foolish things online. Happy birthday.

Don’t worry about losing your vision as you age. Nature is trying to shield you from shock as you pass the mirror. Just kidding, happy birthday.

Nature sends us a message on our birthdays to eat more cake. So, happy birthday to you.

The optimal age is 40. You’re still young enough to make errors yet old enough to understand them. Happy birthday.

Don’t let your birthday bother you. Consider that you will soon qualify for the senior citizen discount! Happy birthday.

Aging has several advantages… If you refer to it as a “senior moment,” you can get away with almost anything! Happy birthday, dear.

Happy birthday 40 years man

Age has never been a curse; it is a gift to get older. It’s your responsibility right now to make a 40-year-old feel youthful. 

Below are some birthday greetings for a man turning 40; just a short note of love and support would do. 

You may sit back and unwind now that the hill is behind you because the remaining distance is downhill. Enjoy a wonderful 40th birthday! 

I hope that all of your aspirations come true on your milestone 40th birthday. 

Sending birthday greetings to a remarkable individual like you is an honor.

Warmest regards on this momentous day, and may your “40th” be fantastic in every way. 

Wishing a remarkable man with such integrity a happy birthday is a pleasure. 

Happy 40th birthday, and here’s to another 40!

It’s a good moment to let you know how much of a great impact you have had on my life now that I’ve reached the big 4-0. We appreciate your advice and support.

It’s a good moment to let you know how much of a great impact you have had on my life now that I’ve reached the big 4-0. 

Thank you for being my mentor and supporting me at all times. You are my idol, and you have my eternal respect. May you have the nicest birthday ever on your 40th birthday! 

I hope your day is packed with joy and leisure on your 40th birthday, great guy! 

I hope your big day is full of exhilarating experiences. Welcome to middle age, where life is all new and exciting. 

Happy 40th birthday husband

Looking for your husband’s 40th birthday wishes? I’m delighted you came to the correct page.

You may give your spouse the greatest happy 40th birthday greetings in this collection:

Wishing the world’s most wonderful spouse a happy 40th birthday! I feel so fortunate to be your wife because of the adventures you make each day. 

The age of forty is a significant turning point, but you’ve always been up for whatever life has in store. A fantastic year is in store for us!

On your 40th birthday, my wonderful husband: You make me smile, you make me reflect, and you make me feel loved. I treasure every aspect of our life together and am eager to see what the future will bring. 

You look quite decent for forty! I wish you all the best for the next year. I adore you a lot! 

I want you to know how much I like being married to you on your 40th birthday. I cannot fathom my existence without you since you are my best friend, my crime-fighting partner, and the love of my life.

Happy 40th birthday son

Your son will always be your little son, no matter how older he gets.

Here’s our collection of 40th birthday wishes for your son:

It feels like you were born just yesterday, yet I have no idea where the time has gone. I am extremely proud of the fantastic guy you have become. I hope you have an amazing 40th birthday. 

I’ve always considered you to be a very special son, and I’m so happy to have you in my life. I hope you have a lovely 40th birthday, just like you do.

I am extremely thankful for you, my son since you are the light of my life. I wish you a birthday that is as spectacular as you. 

I am extremely pleased to be your mommy because you make everyone around you happy. I hope you have as joyful a 40th birthday as you do.

Female happy 40th birthday wishes

Depending on your relationship, you should consider what you wish her on her 40th birthday. Perhaps you can make her laugh, give her a sense of strength, or help her forget that she is getting older.

The main line is that you need to make her feel cherished and unique. Below are some ideas:

Be a 40-year-old who inspires people to say, “I want to be like that when I get forty.” Happy birthday, dear.

There are countless chances in life. The only restrictions exist solely in your own thinking. So, happy birthday.

It’s time to begin checking items off your bucket list. Just kidding, Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, you are the most amazing woman I have ever come across.

Christian 40th birthday wishes

We have compiled a collection of Christian birthday blessings to make the process of celebrating the birthdays of your loved ones easier.

You can share some of the greatest birthday Bible verses, prayers, and blessings with your parents, other family members, and close friends.

May God guide you and never leave your side. Birthday wishes!

Have a great birthday! May the Lord guide you and show you how much he cherishes your life every day! 

May God keep you, give you true joy, and show you the way at every step.

I hope you will always be able to find God, who will guide you and walk beside you. Happy birthday.

Dear, happy birthday. Have a great day today, and enjoy yourself. I ask the angels to keep you safe and direct you in life. May God continue to bless you. 

May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to richly bless you and keep you secure in his tender care. Enjoy His heavenly presence in your life on your birthday. Happy and blessed birthday!

This year, may the holy spirit provide you with the gifts of discernment, maturity, and wisdom. Happy and blessed birthday! 

Dear, happy birthday. Godspeed and peace to you as you go through life. 

Check your reflection. Yes, you are looking at one of God’s most exquisite works of art. Happy birthday, and may you be blessed! 

I pray that God gives you many wonderful, serene moments on your birthday. A very happy birthday to you, my darling! 

I’m wishing you a day full of smiles and a year full of things to be grateful for. Happy birthday to one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met.

Greetings on your birthday, my darling! I pray that the Holy Spirit will provide you with the gifts of discernment, maturity, and wisdom. 

I truly thank God for bringing you into my life, and I pray that He continues to show you all of his favor. Again, happy birthday. adore you 

Dear, happy birthday. I ask God for your health and well-being on your birthday. Jesus, be your source of all success, pride, and wealth. Have a wonderful year ahead.

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