A Speech on Having the Same Grading System for All Students?

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here. I consider it my honor in being able to address this gathering here today. One question that most students would like to ask our education is how is it fair to grade all the students on the same grading system and that is what i would like to discuss here today as well.

Well, once if you consider the question, it might seem as a serious question that we are supposed to ask our education system and how it treats our students. When our world now supports mass education policy where students are considered as a mass and not an individual with an individual varying interests, it becomes difficult for them to have their own views and excel in their own fields.

Our education system now demands that the students prove to be good in the things that the system wants them to be good at and not be good at whatever that they are good at. The main problem in our education system is this underlying need for the students to fit into the mould made by the system and it is not fair to ask the students to change their individuality to be accepted into the system.

The grading system in itself needs a lot of improvement and repair as the system itself fails to identify the diverse nature of education. What a child learns and acquires through education cannot be consolidated into a single grade and they cannot be assessed on the base of these grades.

When this system was introduced, it was used as a method for the teacher to communicate the pupil’s performance to the parent or guardian and later this practice was followed extensively and even though the scope of education grew, the need to upgrade the grading system was nowhere to be found.

Later on, this grading system proved to be a failure in conveying the actual performance of the student and to bridge the gap between the actual performance and the grade, the system introduced the co curricular activities into education. But, yet again this didn’t have an impact that it should have had as students were still majorly judged based on their academic grades only.

This where things start becoming unfair for the students as they might prove to be good at the co-curricular and yet they won’t be good enough for the academic grading system. Even though colleges are looking into the extra activities of the students and are providing scholarships to them, the schools are not being able to accept the diverse nature of the students.

The main problem in bringing in revolutionary ideas into the education system is that the teachers get overburdened with work as they are barely able to manage all these students and grading all of them in a different manner will not be a possible task for the teachers.

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