Hollywood Has a Negative Impact on Society

You can explain how movies of Hollywood brainwash the minds of the people and that too the youngsters. They are worst affected. The technological development of the movies, genres, and sound effects n far more interesting and so appealing to the masses.

You can also highlight how it actually acts as a source of recreation for the people. Though there are a lot of good things that one can learn through the movies violence and vulgarity destroy the mind. 

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Movies are a vital part of our daily life. A boring, stressful, and pathetic day could have rejoiced with a good entertaining movie. Various kinds of movies came along passing all these years, with a lot more technological improvements, genres, and sound effects making it more interesting for us viewers to be entertained and thrilled.

Watching movies is the most popular ideal pastime of every average person with his friends and family. Not just the movies, the stars also have a huge impact on shaping up society.

Many movies did capture thousands of hearts and entertained a huge crowd. They did become a big part of our life in the olden days, but now they have a huge impact on society. They not only influence a large population but also started to change lives positively and negatively.

People obsessed with characters or roles may enact the same way that could hurt them or others. There are even some who absorb ideas from movies and try it out for real, which may be good or bad.

Here are some of the negative sides of Hollywood that could affect society;

Social evils and Violence.

Movies with a lot of violence could spoil a child or an adult’s mind. They get a hang of this and try out things in real life like playing with guns and knives, slapping and hitting a co-worker or classmate, or jumping off a roof to see if they fly, etc. Generally, a movie shows a detailed version of any specific topic.

This may lead to more unfortunate events when normal people try to do the same. Violent movies will psychologically trigger an individual’s subconscious mind to execute violent activities. These are very common risks in terms of children.

Exposing to Sexual content.

Exposing them to sexual content influences adolescent sexual behavior. Young people who are into watching such content tend to have sex at an early age, they have more sexual partners and never try to follow the general protection rules before sex; they become more careless and obsessed with sex.

Some might even learn brutal and aggressive habits. Sometimes even risky behaviors like drinking, smoking, and drug intakes in movies could push them to start this behavior on their own eventually.  

Teens who watch the above contents, seeing their favorite role models engaging in such acts tend to try out more of such behaviors, and never accept it as a mistake. Some contents other than these are the social discriminations, picturing certain countries and places badly and some fictional superheroes and villains could affect the young mind in a negative way that they learn and believe to be true.

And so they might behave accordingly toward such topics, people, or places in the real world. Hollywood is a powerful medium in the world to influence the minds and judgments of a person. It can focus more to promote positivity that could bring useful changes to the world.

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