A Speech on Importance of Self-Love

As we get rushed away by these busy schedules of our modern life, sometimes we miss the chance to care for ourselves. On some busy and hard working days, we can forget to feed ourselves, or when we hear from a friend talking about their failed relationships, we can forget how tired we are, when we are too busy to study before an exam, we can even forget to take a nap or a shower. That’s why it is very important to practice the thing called self-love and we can recognize the basic requirements of our body, by both psychological and physical.

Though some people can call you self-centered or an egoist person and give advice that you really should try to focus on your studies or on your work, but we have to understand that self-love is very different from egoism in many ways. It is not thinking about you before other persons, but taking care of yourself and your urgent needs, for the benefit of you and for the others too. Whenever we are pleased, happy, satisfied and full, we can be more innovative and productive; we can radiate a positive energy and fill the others around us with utmost happiness and positivity.

But that does not mean that self-love is indulging on fatty or unhealthy foods, or watching your favorite TV shows by neglecting your homework. It means listening to the basic needs of your body and giving it that. Sometimes even an ordinary and simple act of drinking water can be seen as an act of love towards yourself, because our bodies are often becomes dehydrated due to the mental and physical stress and the tough business of our lives.  It can be buying a new dress that if that makes you joyful and happier. The only common thing about those actions is that it has the ability to make you happy and does not cause harm to your health.

Our mental health is an extremely important thing too, and sometimes having the comfort of relaxing in a bath instead of facing a room full of people or co-workers, the meaning is that your mind is asking for some rest. If you practice a little bit of meditation or deep sleep, it can make you feel better. Sometimes a good movie or a small party or some good products can bring your mental and physical satisfaction as well.

Of course, as I have depicted before, it does not prove egoistic behavior or over-indulgence, but rather knowing the steps to treat yourself in a good way to continue with your duty towards your family or to work more productively. It is the art of knowing about when you should make a pause and take a rest. As for some persons, self-love means to love and taking care of the person that is always going to be support me, no matter what. It means being grateful for my healthy body and my healthy and productive mind, – being there to help me, so I can help others too.

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