A Speech on “Importance of Sports and Games”

In these modern times, sports and games are very important for us to live a healthy life. They keep us fit. They offer us a change of experiences from the boredom of daily life. It is a useful procedure of entertainment both for our mind and body. Sports and games also help in our character building. They give us enough energy and strength to fight the problems of our life.

Sports and games are also very much helpful for our proper mental and physical growth. While practicing various sports we can learn many other useful things as well. We can learn the process of maintaining our mental balance in the difficult times of despair. They help us to learn about how to tackle the different types of difficult situation in our lives.

Sports also help us to develop a sense of friendliness. They develop our strong team spirit. They have also much influence in developing mental and physical toughness of the players. They have the ability to shape our body and make it very strong and active at the same time. They give us strong energy and strength. They helps in removing our tiredness and lethargy. They can also improve blood circulation, which improves our physical state and maintains the health of our inner organs.

Sports and games has the power to improve our capability while doing any difficult work. They can enhance the efficiency level of a player. Either study or work alone can make us tired and bored. But sports and games can remove our mental exhaustion and boredom. Sports are a very important and integral part of our proper education. Education without having any sports is always incomplete.

By remembering their value in our life, every child are taught some sorts of games in the early stage of their school. Sports are also very important for the youth. They help in increasing their physical and mental improvement process. They contribute in the proper shaping and formation of character. They bring in them good values. In many areas, sports competition is held at school and college levels to improve the overall condition of a student.

The students who are able to perform well in those competitions are given the opportunity to play at the well-known national and international level. In this way sports can help in career growth also.

They also has the ability to increase the strength of our muscle and keep them in good condition. In every schools and colleges, sports and games have to be considered as an important part of education. Also, some organizations organize sports competitions of different types to encourage children in loving sports.

Sports and games also give us many chances to grow properly in life. These days’ sports have many commercial values as well. They have become a good procedure of earning money and fame at the same time. The sportsperson who is a good sportsperson is always showered with name, fame and wealth. He /she can become the face of the country hero overnight. Sports can offer many career opportunities. So we should try to pursue them very seriously from the early age of our life. Sports can offer opportunities to prove talents.

Therefore we all need to pursue some kind of sports or games for the betterment of our future.

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