A Speech on How to Improve Your Manner

A very good Quote about manners is – “Politeness is a sign of dignity, not subservience.” Theodore Roosevelt. The world really would be a good place if everyone tries to improve their manner, just imagine.

Think of the most important phrases we learned at school or from our parents is-

  1. Please
  2. Thank You
  3. Excuse Me
  4. May I help you

Manners are cannot be learned in one day it takes time. It is something that you have to learn from the very first years of your life. But yes you can improve it any time you won’t just have to have a mindset for it. You can learn good manners from anyone, just like other skills you obtained and those can be improved and they can be shared too.

We often see respect and good manner as synonymous. There is nothing as powerful as words. A single word from you can decide whether someone’s manner is good or bad. 

There are few simple steps which you can follow. As I said in beginning PLEASE, THANK YOU, EXCUSE ME, MAY I HELP YOU are the basics but most important phrases related to good manners. Use phrases like THANK YOU and PLEASE more often and your manner will improve magically. For example, imagine you are in a restaurant use PLEASE while ordering food and when food comes say THANK YOU. You will see a difference instantly like magic. Especially do this when you are with your office colleagues or with your special one. This will leave a good impression on them.

Not only respect people but also respect their private space. Even when you know they are saying something wrong or have wrong idea you can say it politely to them but do not ever tell them rudely or dictate something. You have to remember that every can have their own opinion and there’s nothing wrong with it even if you don’t agree with them.

Don’t interrupt others abruptly while they are middle of their statement. Think of yourself in their place. How would you feel if someone interrupts you while you are talking? You do not feel great for sure and that’s also same with others. It is actually very rude to interrupt people in middle. Wait patiently and answer to them or ask them anything after they are finished.

Avoid bad language while talking. Sometimes we become so angry that we cannot control our mouth and it comes out. You have to be careful of that. Anger is not a good thing anyways. It always leads to something bad so you better control it and half of your problems will be solved.

Helping others is also a part of good manner and it starts with MAY I HELP YOU or EXCUSE ME, DO YOU NEED ANY HELP. Do not forget to congratulate your friends, colleagues, relatives or anyone you know of in their happy moment.

If you are talking to a customer or a stranger starts with introducing yourself. For example “hi, I’m Rita, what is your name?” And talk with a smile on your face.

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