87+ Jealous Quotes To Describe The Feeling Of Jealousy &Envy

Jealousy is something that can make or break your life. Sometimes jealousy makes you work harder, and in many situations, it can completely ruin your life by alienating you from others.

Jealousy can be harmful and be the cause of your failure. Following are some Jealousy WhatsApp Statuses and Messages

Jealous Quotes

-Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. 

-Call me what you want; I’ll just call you jealous. 

-Few men have the natural strength to celebrate the success of their friends without jealousy. 

-Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you are a reflection of who they want to be. 

-Love me or hate me. I will still shine. 

-The man hates you because he wants to be you.

-Chances are, when someone hates you, it’s not you. It’s about them. 

-People call it jealousy. I call it the fear of losing you. 

-I never envied anyone, and then I liked you. I think I understand now. 

-If you do not achieve your goal, it does not mean that no one else can succeed, do not hate them or be jealous. 

-Jealousy is love in competition. 

-If you are good at everything you do, some people will always be jealous. Take it as a positive and keep doing it right. 

-Jealousy is a sign of weakness. 

-Jealousy is a really bad means of securing love, but it is a sure way to destroy self-esteem. 

-If you have not achieved your goal, it does not mean that no one else can do it well, do not hate them, and do not be jealous. 

-In a relationship, a man does not actually make his wife jealous of others; he makes others jealous of his wife. 

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-It is sad to see that some people are so jealous and threatening that they only say negative things when they know absolutely nothing about you.

-Jealousy: a sign of insecurity, a sign of weakness, a sign of obsession. 

-People in your parade are raining just because they envy your sun and are tired of its shade. 

-Negative reviews are more satisfying than praise if they only suppress jealousy. 

-Pay attention to those who do not clap their hands when you win. 

-Jealousy is a terrible disease; get well soon. 

-Jealousy is the best compliment you can get. 

-Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest enemy that can ultimately decide your judgment forever and ultimately holds your destiny. 

-Jealousy radiates anger, and anger is the greatest enemy that can ultimately decide your judgment forever. 

-People will say bad things about you because only in this way can they feel better than you. 

-Respect those who hate you; these are the ones who think you are better than them. 

-Jealousy consumes only your beauty. Believe in yourself more; you have what others do not have. 

-The real sign of being born with great qualities is being born without envy. 

-Jealousy is a relative of greed. We seem to be focusing on what we want and missing out on what we really need.

-Sigma male doesn’t love 100 women rather they make 99 women jealous.

-The biggest kick to your jealous enemy is your success

-Fear and sadness lie at the root of jealousy 

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quotes about jealousy and envy

-Emotion that travels reverse is known as jealousy. It burns you back 

-Being jealous is fair if God himself has chosen to be unfair with me 

-Jealousy is a trait and never an acquired habit. It runs in your blood, and you don’t know it yet.

-All the time pretending to be friends, I was always jealous of you as you weren’t an orphan like me

-It is wrong to confuse jealousy with anger. I can be in love with you and still be jealous of you! 

-Hard truth- Even your best friend has been jealous of you someday or the other 

-Not every emotion of jealousy results from a sense of belonging; some carry the burden of loss too

-Pick your cards wisely, for a jealous man can burn in his own fire sometime

-It is never easy to stop being jealous if you once make a practice of it 

-Jealousy grows with age. *Yes, you got it right!* 

-Of all the madness in this world, the worst would be having a jealous partner

-Jealousy is a disease that can only be cured by unending love from the other end 

-You shape your thoughts; your jealousy kills your thoughts and yourself. 

-You can never be the same person once you have been jealous of someone

-The universe and its windows are open to all; stop being jealous; rather work hard to make people jealous! 

-I am allowed to be jealous when I am the one who has nothing.

-I accept every bad trait with pride, even if it’s the feeling of jealousy

-Jealousy is a feeling that humans can’t get rid of, but some pretend not to have that feeling.

-I believe if anybody is jealous of me, then he/she thinks I am better than them.

-If you compare everything with what others have, then you are bound to get jealous.

-Sometimes jealousy acts as a thief who steals the joy from your heart.

-Little jealousy is alright, but we should never let jealousy spoil what we have.

-There is a thin line between feeling jealousy and desiring what you don’t have.

-The immature mind often thinks the more you love, the more jealous you get.

-Under the pretense of keeping love alive, jealousy kills many loving relationships

-I wish to get well soon to the people who are jealous of me because jealousy is a disease.

-I am a wise man, and I am content with what I have 

-He/she who has the feeling of jealousy won’t ever experience the feeling of peace.

-Wisdom is social in nature as it seeks an audience, but jealousy is sought by the audience.

-Jealous people will wish you good, but they want to see you do good.

-Jealousy is a natural feeling, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary to possess.

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