A Speech on “Labor unions should be protected.”

Good morning all and welcome to today’s event. The main purpose of this gathering today is to understand and analyse the need and importance of labor unions.for understanding the need of labor unions, firstly we need to understand what is a labor union. Labor unions are organisations, recognised under the labor law, that represents workers in many different kinds of industry and centres their activities around resolving issues that concern the well being of the workers like minimum wage issue and healthy working conditions.

Labor unions work towards ensuring that the workers are provided with the basic amenities required for them to earn a living. Issues like unsafe working environments and low wages are effectively dealt by the labor unions and in most cases companies with active labor unions are seen to be providing their employees with the best working conditions and incentives.

It is important for everyone to understand that the existence of labor unions ensure the safety and development of the workers. It is important to understand that not everyone is given the power to voice out their problems and concerns, so labor unions protect the interests of such workers who are unaware of the exploitation that they are put through.

Many of the workers who provide manual labor are often met with situation that demands them to put their life at risk and it might not be possible for that on employee to voice out his concern as they might not be aware of the basic support they are supposed to receive and in scenarios like this the role of labor unions are put into action as they ensure that these workers are not forcefully put in such situations.

The other main problem that these workers face is the problem of being underpaid, and many of the workers are forced to take up multiple jobs to support their family and to earn a living. The problem of being underpaid is prevalent across the globe and our country is no exception. Labor unions also lay out certain rules and regulations that the workers are supposed to follow and this brings about a uniformity and discipline among the workers which might prove to be beneficial for the organisations on certain occasions.

When all of us hear the word labor unions we are first reminded about the strikes and the problems that come along with the presence of an active labor union and what most of us don’t realise is that these labor unions are quite necessary for the smooth functioning of a company that requires manual labor. In conclusion, I want to put more pressure on the fact that these labor unions may prove to be beneficial for the companies and the organisations if they are treated with best interest. It is not only about the company’s benefit but these labor unions are essential for an employee or a worker as they ensure to protect the interests of these workers and ensure that best working standards are provided.

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