38+ Best LDS Temple Invitation Wording Ideas

First and foremost, the full form of LDS is the Latter Day Saints movement and in that movement, there was an establishment of a temple that was known as to be the house of God.

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What to Write on LDS Temple Invitation?

Mention your guests that they are invited to the LDS temple

Ask everyone to be present on that day

Mention that it wouldn’t be possible without them

Especially, ask the elders to join

Don’t let anyone leave until the ceremony is completed

How do you respond to the LDS Temple Invitation?

Thank the host for inviting you 

Mention that you are super excited about the party

Mention that you are looking forward to it

Before you leave, shower them with your love

As the principles of temples were different from churches, it was reserved for special forms of worship. In the Latter Day Saint movement, temples have been the most significant part as it was considered to be a fulfillment of a prophecy.

These temples are not designed like meeting houses but rather place only for the faithful. Hence it demands an appropriate style of wording as far as inviting people to the temples is concerned.

Lds Temple Invitation Wording

LDS Temple invitation wording ideas

-As Disciples of Christ, we all have a sacred obligation to support the Lord’s laws and commandments. So we request the honor of your presence at the temple on (Date) for the (event name).

-If you are on the path of God you will need all the blessings from him to succeed. Hence, we at the temple here are organizing a prayer event on (date). Your presence is expected at our temple.

-We may have a wonderful future in a very uncertain world. But if we walk in obedience before the Lord, then the Lord shall help us. You are cordially invited to the weekly prayer sessions on (date).

-Christ has always been with our family, so it is only fitting that a a wedding should occur before our God’s presence. You and your wife are cordially invited to the LDS temple on (date) at (location).

-We loved talking to you about the numerous histories that we Mormons share and hence we would like to invite you to come with us at the Mormon temple on (date) for an evening service.

-Our life choices depend on our attitude to do the best we can. The temple would kindly like to invite you for the upcoming Sabbath day. May you get to reconcile your choices.

-You would be pleased to know that we’ve finally decided to get married. As both of our parents are Mormons, we are going to have a Mormon wedding on (date). Your presence is expected at (location).

-From the bottom of our heart we invite you and your family to be an integral part of the temple’s prayers session on the occasion of the seventh day of as sanctioned by our God. 

-The (temple name) has organized a holy event to honor the establishment of the dominion of the Kingdom of God on the earth. You are cordially invited to attend.

-You have been an important presence in our lives and it is obvious that we will get married in the Mormon temple just as you requested. So, Please be there on (temple name) at (date, location).

-You will be pleased to know that the (temple name) is done being renovated, and it will be rededicated on Sunday of (date). You and the family are most welcome on the day for a prayer session.

-The Lord has always been our helping hand but it is us who don’t see it. So dome come at the temple and have a session with our lord on the occasion of feast Day.

-Happiness is a cherishable emotion, and it can be found sometimes when we put our faith in God. So go ahead and try as the (temple name) would like to invite you for a holy get-together on (date).

-Life gets completed when you have someone very dear to share it with. So amidst the presence of God, we have decided to get married in the temple. Our hearts will fill with joy if you can make it on (date).

-God will be close to our hearts if we only allow him to be. The temple has organized an event for the feast of the fruits day on (date). Please come and allow yourself to be nearer to God.

-Although the presence of the Lord is everywhere but we have tried to create his essence for the people of (place) in the form of the new temple. Your presence is requested at the inauguration on (date).

-As our only daughter is going to get married in December, we ask those dearest to us. So your presence is expected to witness the Mormon wedding on (date) at (the temple name).

-Nothing becomes more special than your presence on the day. Please be here and make the day withier with your presence. We await to see you at the LDS Temple soon 

-If we are making the day special, then try and make sure that you are coming at the LDS temple and make it furthermore special. I cannot wait to see you along with your entire family on the day 

-Did you hear the word? We love to be the old school and celebrate the (event) in an LDS manner at the very temple which is the beginning of everything else in the world

-Every event that we ever organize is incomplete if we do not have a guest that can make the day worthy. Our family will be waiting to see you and the blessed ones at the venue!  

-Christ has been the sole heart of Christianity, and this is why we choose to keep him as a witness and make the most of the day with the celebration at LDS Temple on (date) 

-Keep calm and make sure that you attend the ceremony at the LDS Temple ceremony! A crowd always makes us feel happier as we shall be blessed with all the love that you will bring with yourself

-Dear God, trust me, we would never have been at the place where we are today without the blessing of you! Let us take a moment and pay a visit to the LDS temple while making GOD know that we have been loyal to him throughout the time 

-Let us shine bright and come together to be a part of the celebration of the grand ceremony at the LDS temple. We all will be present and you are the guest we are looking up to! 

-Happy and merry can only be at the same place when we are with God and we also have people like you with us. Come and make the experience worthy with the day of the much awaited (event name)

-Holy heavens is all that we want after we die but as long as we are alive, we want to spend the happy moment with you! Come and be a part of the family celebration at the LDS Temple that marks the celebration of the believe that we have. 

-The only meaning of true happiness is when we are all together under the LDS Temple roof! It serves the purpose and makes the soul a lot more happier than it was ever before 

-I am nobody unless I am united with the essence of God. As we plan to celebrate our big date at the LDS Temple, your presence is the most important thing that we are looking up to.   

-Let us make the world a better place to live and celebrate the LDS community like never before! Come and be the part of the grand homecoming of Christ on the (day)!   

LDS Temple Invitation Wording

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