85+ Best Letting Go Quotes and Sayings

It’s easy to tell someone to let go of his past but letting go is an extremely difficult process. Life always keeps going through several types and kinds of changes. No matter how hard you try to control things but sooner or later, things will change.

In that aspect, we become upset or desperate. Sometimes the situation becomes worst, which may lead to physical illness like depression. That is why we should let go of things which is not valuable but spoil our present today.

Here are some best quotes which will help you to figure out where the letting go part is required.

Letting Go Quotes and Sayings

-Do not waste your time thinking about what went wrong, but instead, devote all your strength to improving tomorrow. – Joel Osteen

-If you want to move forward in life, you’ve to say goodbye to your past. Often people understand that the fighters in the war of life are strong by holding old things, but in reality, those who dare to erase old things are strong. – Brene Brown

-Getting out of the old things doesn’t mean that we do not care about anyone or we’ve become mean; rather, it means that we care about ourselves and we’ve started loving ourselves more, which is a sign of a strong person. – Kevin Gates

-Never get so involved with someone that you will find it difficult after you leave. – David Bowie

-Sometimes, there is such a turning point in life that in order to move forward, to get something, one has to turn back to step on new paths. Do not panic but be strong. In the end, you will be victorious. – Brene Brown

Letting Go Quotes

-If our loved one hurt us, it doesn’t mean that we are wrong, but a lot better than this is waiting for us who is only ours and who is like us, so we should move forward. Be happy. Live every moment. Remember, Only a happy person can keep everyone happy. – Melanie Martinez

-Don’t lose your values while welcoming new changes in your life. – Octavio Paz

-Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made in the past. Learn from them and move forward. – Brene Brown

-‘Giving up’ and ‘letting go’ is two different things. – Joel Osteen

-Letting go is a technique to forget the past and move forward. In this process, you may lose your favorite things or your loved ones, but at last, you will find the real you in yourself. – Kevin Gates

-When we hold on to something, we completely focus on the past; when we let go of things, we completely focus on the future. – David Bowie

-Letting go means releasing all your emotions, fears, disappointment, and grudges of the past that bind our soul for so long. – Thich Nhat Hanh

-We’ve to surrender all things to the universe. It’s your choice to do it now or later. – Brene Brown

-You may feel secure where ever you’re at this moment, but if you never make an effort to come out of it, you will never be a part of your beautiful future waiting ahead. – Melanie Martinez

-Life is not constant. It’s always moving. So, why we’re still into the old things? – David Bowie

-Courageous people let go of their past. – Melanie Martinez

-To let go of your past, understanding is required. – Joel Osteen

Letting Go Quotes

-What is gone, that is gone, not for a moment but forever. Learn to accept things. Whether it is good or bad, acceptance is necessary. When we accept, we release all our fears and expectations. That’s when we are left with a new page to write our story for the future. – Brene Brown

-Accept your past or the things around you and let go of what you can’t control. Worrying about things or holding on doesn’t lead you anywhere. – Thich Nhat Hanh

-Deciphering everything regarding life is hardly necessary. Life becomes easier when we don’t give much importance to others or the things which we can’t control. – Kevin Gates

-A good day and a good future begin when we decide to forget the old things. – Brene Brown

-Don’t be angry at those who cheated us; it doesn’t harm them but our souls every day. – Melanie Martinez

-When your loved one says goodbye to you, you may lose your strength, you may feel hurt, you may lose your confidence and keep looking at him/her or them to come back into your life. By doing this, you’re blocking your own blessings that god has stored for your betterment. – David Bowie

-Be ready to say goodbye to those who hurt you. See, ‘Goodbye’ to has ‘Good’ in it. – Joel Osteen

-When you’re planning to hurt those who hurt you or want them bad for those who broke your heart, you’re giving them another chance to hurt you again through thoughts. – Thich Nhat Hanh

-To get the respect from your loved ones, show them that you don’t need anyone to survive in life. – Brene Brown

-Letting go is the biggest weapon for a peaceful life. – Melanie Martinez

-Wise people know when you need to let go and when you need to hold on. – Kevin Gates

-If your body can’t bear the huge weights, So, think, how could your heart hold the grudges for a long? – David Bowie

-Last night, I lost the people but gained myself. – Melanie Martinez

-Don’t waste your precious time on those who don’t deserve you. – Sharon Salzberg

-Imagine some positive visions for today. Something is going to be very, very great. The past is just a past. It has no control if you would not give power to it. Let go of things that hurt you and welcome the world of abundance that’s waiting just for you. – Thich Nhat Hanh

-Letting go is easy, but the ability to start again is difficult. – David Bowie

-When you see that letting something go is difficult, God sends His angels into your life to help you how to move forward. – Brene Brown

-It may be difficult to move on from an abusive relationship, but its the greatest blockage of our life to get what we actually deserve. – Melanie Martinez

Letting Go Quotes

-You will be happy when you realize you’re left with no more feelings for others. – Kevin Gates

-Thinking about the past doesn’t change anything. You need to let go of things in order to bring change in your life. – David Bowie

-Learning from the past, forgiving others, and loving yourself is the three main key to being happy. – Thich Nhat Hanh

-An intelligent person ignores unnecessary things. – Brene Brown

-Your attention is much important; never waste it on useless things. – Melanie Martinez

-Don’t give an emotional response to the situation, and see how peaceful your life becomes. – Sharon Salzberg

-Let go of your worries and be consistent with your work. – Melanie Martinez

-Be comfortable in ignoring others. You were not sent by the heavens for pleasing every individual. – David Bowie

-One day, you will realize things that are hurting you today were just a distraction. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Letting Go Quotes

-No one is wrong or nothing is wrong, we do suffer because things happened not as per our expectations. – Brene Brown

-If you really want to let go of something, don’t create hate for it. Letting go becomes difficult with the feeling of revenge. – Sharon Salzberg

-Things may not happen as per your expectations, but sooner or later, It will be in your favor. Trust the journey of the universe. When good goes, better come. – Kevin Gates

-Until you choose to let go of things, no one will help you with it. – Melanie Martinez

-Winners are those who never read the chapter of the past. – Brene Brown

-Unless you realize that a person has gone or the situation is over or nothing will happen as per your wish, you will not move forward. No matter how much someone tries for it. – David Bowie

-You’re on the right path when you choose not to look back. – Joel Osteen

-There is a need to let go of things that you love the most. – Thich Nhat Hanh

Letting Go Quotes

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