Do We Still Live in A Sexist Society?

Unfortunately, people to date do discriminate a lot based on gender, and women along with trans people are the major sufferers of this discrimination. When you are writing on such a sensitive topic, i.e. sexism, make sure to research a lot before, so that you are backed with strong points that you can easily prove while speaking.

If you want help then you can refer to this sample written by me, as using it as a reference you will be able to write yours with convenience.

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Sexism is discrimination based on a person’s gender or sex, it has been affecting a lot of the population but primarily women, girls, and transgenders. Sexual harassment, rape, and other forms of sexual violence are the extreme effects of sexism. These kinds of discrimination can occur in any cultural and social customs and are the highest around in workplaces.

Our society has never supported women in higher powerful positions like being a CEO of a company, or in higher political offices, both men and women alike, suffer through this. It is a simple problem behind this, that most of the people are coming from a patriarchal society where men had always been given more importance than women.

Yes, we do live in a sexist society, it depends completely on the educational factor we teach our young ones from an early stage to respect and give opportunities to all kinds of gender. Here are some of the  various points to prove we live in a sexist society;

Physical and mental torture among genders is continuing.

Now women excel in various fields, but at some places they still face a lot of physical and mental abuse in terms of income or being treated roughly, seeing them as a sex objects, etc.

Nowadays even the transgender population is struggling to make a decent living, but the sexist society is never approving them. Moreover, this set of people are still facing the hardest of times to live a respected life.

Gender decides their strength and talent.

Though a lot of changes have happened as the world is changing, women are always considered the weak ones, so they are always offered easier jobs with less income.

Very few allow them to express their talent and showcase their strengths to get better pay scales or jobs. Women are now spreading their wings around various athletic and heavy lifting activities.

Women are stronger than they look, we should never forget that it is a mother that gives birth to a new life in this world going through all those enormous pain and hardships.  

Gender decides the many factors in our daily life.

It is said that girls are never supposed to stay out for long, they should never go anywhere alone, they should always behave elegantly.

All these are ways to lock a girl up from exploring and expressing. Some say these are rules made out to keep a girl safe, more than that to keep society safe for all the genders we should teach everyone the difference between right and wrong. We have often heard people say “men don’t cry”.

Why? Don’t they have emotions? Expressing our emotions whether it is happiness, sorrows, excitement of equality value what makes us alive, people from any gender can openly express it; just don’t express too much.

Being in a society that treats everyone equally could build a strong nation. Sexism in any gender will only raise more arguments and create negative atmospheres. 

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