A Speech on “We Have Lost Our Cultural Identity”

As mass communication and vehicle begin again to thrive, communities are coming to be more and more likewise directing to globalization. Some people worry that globalization will necessarily direct to the total penalty of cultural identity.
Do you concede or disagree with the announcement? Take a stance and accumulate your argument.
Globalization – a topic of active statement, with as many likings, as its disapproval. Both like and dislike have their own essentials and criteria. Globalization has its own significance in phrases of economic growth and competition for power. But it is not ever greeted by those who love to bear up with their own culture and dignity.

People adapting to the culture of other countries does not certainly mean getting away with their culture. Every civilization has its own good and bad moralities. It is totally on a personal whether what to consume and put up with into practises in life. The question of ultimate significance is not to deceive one’s own culture, by flowing away with the glittering elegance of other community and culture.

Speaking of the favourable behaviors for the globalization, it has a wide rooted angle in economic growth of the country. The thriving trans-communication in various ways telecommunications like Internet, emails, calls and video-calling, chats, along with the development in the several routes of transport have given rise to the world to come closer than ever it was previously. The households could effortlessly interact and talk to with their kids abroad. We can understand the overdue day to day developments in technology and keep up with the stride of the world.

Our civilization has extremely well grown up with the interpersonal skills, much optimistic to go hand in hand with anyone from any portion of the earth.

United States has its own elegance and cultural which is rich but still, when we go to the dark element of this globalization, it has overwhelmed youth of the county considering our own richness of society. Every country had its own essence in their civilization and culture so as our nation too, which had always been an ever shining principal for its largest economy, wealthy culture and civilization, is now confronting a destruction due to the import of other nations cultural into our own culture. Globalization has enabled us to cope up with the developing science, but where on world has our feelings and bonding gone?

Youngster today is just focussing to top the economic market; they do not have a single moment to spend with their family or their children for whom they are seeking hard day and night. We have skipped that cash can get us anything, but not the real love and virtue. We have fascinated ourselves to the new gadgets, and technology to the breadth that we are ceasing to function to maintain our relationship.

Elegance of glowing designation and gadgets have evaporated the significance and bonding in the family. It is not just the globalization but the blinded child brains that is searching our culture. We have inaccurate ego to show off.

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