A Speech on How to Make a Good First Impression

First impressions have a very significant role on the future of a relationship.[1] In a first impression, the person you are meeting is trying to answer for themselves two basic about you: your intentions and your competency or ability. Some people seem to have a natural good appeal or appearances that leave no doubt about these questions. But for the rest of us, there are some important but simple steps to take that improve the chances of making a good mark in any type of social or business meeting.

 There are certain processes by which you can make a good first impression on the others. In order to make a good first impression you have to follow some steps. Now, come we discuss about those steps.

First should be your correct and confident body language. Body language can be a the main part-it can easily show how you really feeling and thinking as well. So it is important to be careful about how your body reacts in different situations. Don’t show any funny or disturbed expressions before others.

Another important part is the moderate volume of your voice. Some people talk loudly and appear to come on overly strong. Make sure that you are practicing volume control of your voice.

Next is the use and changes of proper vocal tone. How you are communicating with other people can be showed by the tone you use with them. When you use monotone, you may appear to lack interest and sound lethargic or without any energy. Regulate your tone, by keeping it light and friendly at the same time to make yourself presentable.

Another step can be said as the use of right eye contact.

Sometimes our eyes can divert many places while talking but to the person with whom we are talking, can be perceived it as rude attitude. Focus on making proper eye contact when speaking and when listening to others.

Then comes a sweet but confident smile.

A smile can overcome many obstacles. While meeting people for the first time, you must want to create an impression of being friendly and approachable. at that time your smile can help you immensely.

Try to call people by their names. People like to be remembered, so try to remember a person’s name and use it in the conversation. 

Another major factor can be your good manner.

If you want people to like you right at the first meeting, be sure to use common manners like saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘you are welcome’, ‘nice meeting you’, and many others. And also try to listen to their words attentively. The other various important point of leaving a good first impression can be. Study and research about the details you can about the company and be prepared beforehand.

Always try to be punctual, you should give importance on the value of time of your and a others. Then comes your dressing sense. You should dress properly as the situation or occasion needs. One should try to talk open-mindedly and give others space to talk their mind as well.

These are some ways to make a first good impression on others.

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