A Speech on How to Manage Your Anger

 How you think clearly about a problem is very important – so always think positively and try to find the solution yourself.

Anger is one of the basic human emotions that exist in all people. Mainly revives by an emotional hurt, anger is usually triggered as an unpleasant feeling that occurs when you are injured, mistreated, opposed in your beliefs and views, or when you are faced with various problems and hindrances. You have to try your best to control your anger; otherwise it will be the one to control you. 

Anger is usually related with the other negative emotions. Your feeling of being hurt, frightened, disappointed, worried, embarrassed or frustrated, can be expressed as the feelings of anger. Anger can also result from misunderstandings between people.

Causes of anger can be of different types like a common cause for anger can be the incompletion of attaining your goals and desires. And since humans certainly have numerous goals and desires, anger can easily triggered at any place and time.

Another cause for anger can be the feeling of incomplete and disrespected; humans normally get angry when you believe that you are not being treated fairly and justly.

The most Common Factors that make People Angry are: Grief of losing a loved one or precious item. The others can be rudeness , tiredness , hunger, pain , withdrawal from drugs or some medications , some physical or mental illness, injustice and many more other varieties of causes.

There can be various types of Anger like, Behavioral Anger , Verbal Anger, Passive Anger , Self-inflicted Anger  and other many more types.

Behavioral anger is comprised of aggressive and cruel actions. It usually implies an attack towards the subject of the anger, a person or a thing. It is expressed through physical attack and defiance, 

Verbal anger, on the other hand, merely uses words. It is expressed mostly by speaking insulting words and hurtful criticisms.

Passive anger is shown mostly through mockery. People who are displaying this type of anger are not expressing their anger but are devising covert ways of expressing it.

Anger makes you ill mentally as well as physically. When you feel angry the body releases various stress hormones, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Thus resulting in the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate increase.

Then why we should manage anger? Anger is not usually a good solution to anything. Uncontrolled anger creates problems – sometimes for you and for others around you. People with poor anger management are more likely to have problems with personal relationships or professional relationships as well.

Now we have to know that, What Is Anger Management? Anger management is about understanding your anger and the main reason behind it. It is about knowing and trying better ways of expressing feelings without anger, and knowing how to prevent it from occurring. In a nutshell, anger management is to know the causes of anger and learning techniques to calm down and manage the situation calmly.

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