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National maple syrup day is annually celebrated on 17th December. This day doesn’t have any particular memory or reason. Neither do you need any good reason to celebrate such a great day? Maple syrup is used extensively in many dishes like waffles, bacon, and toasts. Maple syrup has its own taste, which is unique and delicious.

Maple Syrup Day:- Messages

-Maple syrup is a sweet thick glossy liquid which is extremely sweet.

-Maple syrup is extracted from maple tree from the xylem sap; these trees store the starch  that is later on converted to sugar.

-Maple syrup is extracted from heating the xylem sap starch and converting it into sugar. I hope on this day, you will learn more facts about maple syrup.

-Canada produces an enormous amount of quality maple syrup and then comes after the USA following.

-Maple syrup is sweet and healthy.

-Maple is sticky and has a unique and distinct taste. Thus, I hope you’ll spend this day with your loved ones and have a great day ahead.

– Maple syrup is used in many recipes such as vanilla ice creams, french toast, slushies and waffles.

-Many people use maple syrup as an alternative to honey as it is sweet in taste. Thus, use it accordingly.

Maple Syrup Day:-Greetings

-A happy maple syrup day to all of you!

-Get your favorite bottle of perfectly aged dark amber maple syrup.

– Use it as the topping of your favorite Pancake or french toast bread.

– You can also make yourself a perfect English breakfast with sunny side ups, bacon, sausages, and freshly toasted bread.

-Consider gifting yourself or your mother a bottle of best-stored maple syrup. We are very sure she will love you more for this.

– Set a plan for a date night and have hot waffles with vanilla ice cream on top glazed with thick maple syrup.

-Visit your local maple house store and know about different types of maple and try tasting each.

-Do not go very high on the maple syrup as this doesn’t have many micronutrients, but a little much does not harm this day.

-You can also discover some maple made items like maple toffee, maple liquor. Maple bar and maple toddy.

– You can go a little experimental and make your mocktail mixing good rum, maple syrup, lemon, and little mint to make it refreshing. You can also add spices to make it muskier, but we suggest you enjoy it.

-Before buying any maple syrup, check the grading in the label and choose according to your taste; if you like it as intense and dark, you can opt for Dark amber, and if you like it, little light and want to go fancy, then you could consider Light amber.

-A good maple syrup has a shelf life of 2-3 years. Hence, check before using, and always store the maple syrup in a dark and cold area.

-Another way to enjoy this dark amber is to replace it with artificial jam and use it with peanut butter in a toasted bread sandwich. Have a great day ahead.

Maple Syrup Day quotes

-I drink maple syrup. Then I’m hyper so I just run around like crazy and work it all off. 

–Rachel McAdams 

-I’m not from a maple producing area and so my maple syrup credentials are very much of the eating side. 

-Nancy Greene 

-If it’s not 100 per cent pure maple syrup, it can’t be called ‘pure maple syrup. 

–Nancy Greene 

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