A Speech on “Marijuana Should Be Legal for Recreational”

I think marijuana should be legalized for the recreational purposes as the use of marijuana is no more harmful, and in some cases very much less dangerous, than many of the other things we use for our enjoyment.

Despite this difference, marijuana still remains an illegal product in most areas and its use is still a prohibition. But there are many causes as why should this drug can become a legalized item.

One can buy huge amounts of alcohol or some menthol cigarettes in many places in the U.S., and we can always remember about those thousands of lost lives due to the use of those products, but we have to remember many things like, according to many studies the overdose of alcohol alone has caused near about 25,000 deaths in 2013 and also became the reason for nearly 16,000 deaths from the liver disease.

Alcohol-related crimes result in about 2.2 million captures in the year of 2012. Cigarettes are very bad as well, becoming the cause of nearly 500,000 deaths in the United States every year with medical bills increasing to an incredibly huge amount per year. Unhealthy foods are also the worst product of all, with latest statistics showing that the problem of obesity has also a main cause of the death of many people per year.

 There are many people who would really like to see recreational marijuana become legalized, because it has the potential to create of many of new jobs, as legal cannabis is a very wealthy industry. In addition to this , proponents of legal recreational marijuana can also point to the thousands of tax dollars that could be saved,. Many supporters believe that the legalization of marijuana would immensely help to decrease various violent crimes induced from drug cartels.

Marijuana has very notable medicinal properties. Even beyond the area of various sports medicines, many users report that marijuana has a lot of advantages for maintaining a good health. It has the ability to stop pain, mitigates multiple sclerosis and also Tourette Syndrome symptoms, and also has the ability to reduce dystonia as well. 

Therefore medicinal marijuana has to be treated legitimate treatment for many injuries  which many players sustain.

The legalization  of marijuana could not only represent a powerful tax windfall, but also a big chance to relax the immense burden that our country faces while monitoring and managing its prison systems.

I’m not telling that marijuana have to be unregulated. But many studies still can point to that marijuana have some potentially harmful effects on the  young adults’  and teens’ nerves and brains, up to the chances of development of  illness like schizophrenia, and we should  always remain very careful till the dangers become more clear.

Legalizing  the use of marijuana across the entire country would mean enforcing proper age restrictions and also the consumption limits, just as states enforce various policies for  using alcohol and cigarettes — moderation is also same important when using pot as it is for anything else — but ending the prohibition on marijuana use will still take long time to come.

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