281+ Masonic Sayings And Quotes by Famous Freemason Members! (Images)

Masonry or Freemasonry comprises fraternal organizations that were particularly important for stonemasons.

It was formed in London, England, in 1717. It has 3 million members worldwide and 1.1 million members from North America.

The true purpose of Freemasonry is to bring the best out of a good person. Its emphasis is on the man’s character by improving moral, spiritual, and mental outlook.

Masonic Sayings

  • The secret remains secret until a third sniffs it.
  • A sharp-witted mind has the strongest understanding power.
Masonic Sayings And Quotes
  • We live in a democratic country, and democracy tells us that everyone has a tight grip on knowledge. You can’t force people to believe your opinions.
  • To get triumph over evil, do nothing like a good human being.
  • The world’s every beautiful feeling is lower in weight than a single lovely action.
  • If you believe that the essence of bravery lies in the stake of someone’s life on possibility, then the essence of conviction lies in the journey to trust that possibility’s existence.
  • Good thoughts are a way to get closer to God, but it remains just thoughts if never acted upon truly.
  • True beauty lies in God’s handwriting.
  • The character only comes out in the dark room.

  • Human’s first attribute is courage; everything is secondary.

  • Every child steps into the world with the same message, God is not disheartened by man.
Masonic Sayings And Quotes
  • Everyone has some supreme qualities; that is the gift of God. Sometimes, we face many ups and downs in life and tremble to make the right decisions. Bizarre life is still able to find an excellent rise in the hidden desire to draw better.

  • People with bright eyes were my companion, but they were blind to see the sea and sky, not even to see anything in the streets and in the books.

  • Although, Universal education is necessary, but in my opinion, the knowledge and understanding of the holy Bible without a college course is more than essential for doing a college course without the teachings of the Bible.

  • Our imaginations are like stars. In order to make them true, follow them as your guide, like the seafaring man chooses them, and follow them to reach the destination.

  • The important traits of your personality that add a contribution to the World lie in your own personality, which makes you different from every other living creature.

  • You have already fixed the new dimensions if you don’t correct the incorrect ones.
Masonic Sayings And Quotes
  • Cross the bridge of life, but don’t construct a house on it.

  • Life is considered a blaze, it always burns, but whenever a child is born, it ignites again.

  • No friends, no life.

  • The past has gone, and the future is unpredictable. Let put yourself completely in the present, and let your energy achieve your target.

  • What man does is a glimpse of his creeds.

  • Sacrifice is the easiest thing for a person who has a burning desire to achieve great things.

  • The partnership is not only a principle but a strong bond of two or more persons who are ready to share commonness, risks, privileges, and responsibilities.

  • The joy of the heart lies in doing something valuable, not in ease or riches, or praise.
Masonic Sayings And Quotes
  • Men is divided into three classes by shoes; Some men step into their father’s shoes. They are unable to make the right judgment; some men do not want to be part of the crowd. On the other hand, the rest like to walk in their own shoes. They become their own cobbler.

  • God spread the sunbeam over everyone. That’s the true beauty of the sunbeam and God too.

  • Pass your work to those who are better at it. This comes under the last part of Success.

  • If you want to increase the joy, share with others.

  • A person who doesn’t have a cent is not poor, but a person who doesn’t have ambition is poor.

  • When you add lying to the truth, it becomes worthless.

  • Only a few have dared to admit their faults.

  • Wrong deeds can’t be done in the right way.

  • Keep all aspirations away from the day to extract good work. Remember, the person who travels on the road to success enjoys the present.

  • Every day, we must hear one song, read a good poem, at least see one top painting, and learn to speak wise words.

  • At some point in life, fools are right sometimes. This is the biggest lesson.

Masonic Sayings And Quotes
  • He carries working tools everywhere. This is the identity of a true Mason.

  • True Mason is always ready to rectify his personal flaws with the help of working tools.

  • Mason loves his country from the deep of his heart. They are crazy about citizenship.

  • Satan is the only god of our planet.

  • With the help of working tools, true mason enhances their judgment power. They work consistently on him/her self.

  • Masonry is the foundation of America, without any doubt.

  • Hollywood’s Masonic aspect is weird.

  • Masonic Lodge is a house of God, and Its teachings are commands.
Masonic Sayings And Quotes
  • Masonry is considered as a godly life upon the creature than an institution, tradition, or society. 

  • Mason has an incredible judgment power to identify more logical ways to use brotherly love, relief, and rightness.

  • Masonry has secrets like the secret of life. The true seekers of this secret can only know it.

  • This is based on feelings and actions that can be known by one’s desire. In fact, It’s an open secret. People can’t recognize it alone and also can’t know others.

  • In Freemasonry, there are no outsiders, but there are friends you’ve yet to connect.

  • Masonry is not liable to divide men; there are made to unite people and teach everyone to think freely. Its focus is on two principles, that is, the love of God and the true affection of a man.

  • Masonic Lodge presents only one thing to its members, and that is Masonry itself.

  • Freemasonry is a federation that is formed for the welfare of mankind.

Masonic Quotes

-Always keep a secret, a secret, and do not share it with others because then it is no more a secret!

-When something remains between two people, it is a God’s secret, but when it is before any third person, it becomes everybody’s secret!

-Have faith in god and always give your best in whatever you do in life!

Masonic Quotes

-All men’s minds are capable of true knowledge!

-The fundamental principle of democracy is that all men should be capable of reason!

-In a democracy, all men are always capable of reason!

-Democracy turns out to be only true when all the men are capable of the reasons!

– It can only be a wise man who hears one word but always understands the two!

– Only a wise man can understand the two meanings of a single word!

– No matter how many words there may be but the wise man can always understand it only with the minimum word!

Masonic Quotes

– A single lovely action every time weighs more than all the beautiful emotions and sentiments!

– Have courage and always face the difficulties in life!

– Always believe in god and make yourself ready to face difficult situations in life!

– I have always stated that beauty is the amazing handwriting of God. 

– God’s handwriting is the beauty that we see in our surroundings!

– Do right, and you will have the true idea of righteousness!

– To have the true essence of righteousness, you need to have done it once by yourself!

– When you do right, then you feel how it is to be right!

Masonic Quotes

– To do right first, you need to be right by yourself!

– What you be in the dark actually reveals your character!

– How you be in the dark tells your character!

– To know someone’s character, you need to see them in the dark!

– Always remember, if you want to know someone’s character, then you need to see them in the dark!

– Your hard times actually tell you the character of your close ones!

– If one can have courage in oneself, then it can have any other quality!

– Always remember who have courage can have all the other qualities in them!

Masonic Quotes

– The one who is courageous in life is the owner of all the other qualities!

– Be courageous if you want to achieve something best in your life!

– Your courage can be the key to your success. Always remember!

– When you talk of education, then it is not only education but also your character that can turn your skill into perfection!

– To attain perfection in life, it is not only education that is needed but also your character that plays half the role!

– Always keep in mind that, that not only education but also your character plays an equivalent role in taking your skill to perfection!

– It is not only the light that helps you see every time, but you need to see beyond your vision!

– The responsibility for one’s work and duties can only be developed by that person and not by anyone else around him!

– Conscience for your work and duties is something that can never be incorporated into someone’s mind, but it is something that develops in one’s own mind by itself!

– Always remember that no one can develop that sense of right or wrong in you; it is only you who can do it by yourself!

Masonic Quotes

– It is always your inner voice and inner self that tells you about right or wrong; no one can teach you that!

– Every human soul has some hidden ideal in it; this is the gift of God!

– Busy man has no time to develop a habit of growing old!

– Growing old is an inevitable phenomenon, but a busy man has no time to look after it!

– Every child who takes birth on Earth is a beautiful message from Heaven that he is not discouraged or disheartened by a man!

– God is not yet disheartened and dispirited with a man because the children are the gifts of God, which he is sending to this Earth!

– Always keep in mind that when you see something wrong around yourself, correct it!

– Don’t set a new standard by not correcting something wrong that you may see around yourself!

– Look around yourself, fix and rectify anything you see as inappropriate!

– If you really wish to contribute something to this world, then do it by your personality, because everyone is there with their own unique personality! That can contribute a lot to this world!

– Take life as a bridge that is just meant to be crossed and not meant to stay over!

– Life is like a journey where you keep traveling, but you can never settle down anywhere!

Masonic Quotes

– One should always have at least a friend in life because a life without a friend is just like a murder without a witness!

– Your action says it all about you!

– The man’s creed can also be understood by his actions!

– Partnership is more like a relationship in life, where you share common responsibilities, common uncertainties, and common success!

– Never take your partnership as a principle but take it as a relationship! Relationship of sharing uncertainties, risks, perks, and privileges!

– If you really want to attain that peace of mind and soul, then it is not money, but doing something worthwhile can fetch you that!

– Real joy is something that one can never get with money and luxury but by doing something that is worthwhile in life!

– Doing something constructive in life can always fetch you and your mind peace and joy!

– Be like the sun and spread, give away light to others and make their lives bright and beautiful!

– Another code to success is to pass over your work to someone who does it better than you and learn from them to make yourself better like them

– Be your own cobbler, take your own decisions and put your own shoes on, rather than putting your father’s shoes on!

– The person without a dream is poorer than the one without a penny!

Short Masonic Quotes

“Freemasonry: Making good men better.”

“Brotherhood knows no boundaries.”

“In unity, strength.”

“Building character, one stone at a time.”

“The square and compass: Symbols of truth and virtue.”

“Masonry teaches us to square our actions.”

“Traveling the path of enlightenment.”

“2B1 Ask1: Seek and you shall find.”

“Masonry is a journey, not a destination.”

“Brothers by choice, friends by fate.”

“Building a better world through Masonry.”

“The apron of a Mason is more honorable than the crown of a king.”

“Masonry: A sacred bond of fellowship.”

“Faith, Hope, Charity: The pillars of Masonry.”

“Freemasonry is a way of life.”

“In the lodge, we find light.”

“Masonry: A fraternity of integrity.”

“We meet upon the level, and part upon the square.”

“Brothers, bound by secrets.”

“Masonry reveals the hidden truths of life.”

Masonic Quotes About Life

“Freemasonry is an ancient and global fraternity that seeks to improve the lives of its members and the world at large.” – Unknown

“The goal of Freemasonry is to make good men better, and in doing so, to make the world a better place.” – Unknown

“In Freemasonry, we learn to value the importance of self-improvement and the pursuit of knowledge.” – Unknown

“Masonry teaches us that true wealth lies not in material possessions but in the richness of one’s character and moral values.” – Unknown

“As Masons, we are reminded to live our lives with integrity, honesty, and virtue.” – Unknown

“The Masonic journey is a path to self-discovery and enlightenment.” – Unknown

“In Masonry, we are taught the importance of charity and helping those in need.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry encourages us to be builders, not just of physical structures, but of our own character and the world around us.” – Unknown

“Masons believe in the power of unity and brotherhood to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.” – Unknown

“The Masonic square and compass remind us to keep our actions within the bounds of morality and ethics.” – Unknown

“In Freemasonry, we seek to be pillars of strength and wisdom in our communities.” – Unknown

“The lessons of Masonry teach us that every action we take has an impact on our own lives and the lives of others.” – Unknown

“Masonry encourages us to seek truth, to be seekers of knowledge and wisdom throughout our lives.” – Unknown

“A Mason is called to be a light in the darkness, to bring enlightenment and understanding to the world.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry teaches us the value of tolerance and respect for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.” – Unknown

“As Masons, we are reminded to live our lives with a sense of purpose and meaning.” – Unknown

“The Masonic principles of faith, hope, and charity remind us of the importance of these virtues in our lives.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry is a journey of self-improvement that lasts a lifetime.” – Unknown

“In Masonry, we are taught to be good stewards of our time, talents, and resources.” – Unknown

“The Masonic fraternity is a brotherhood that transcends borders, bringing together men of diverse backgrounds in the pursuit of a common goal: to be better men and make the world a better place.” – Unknown

Masonic Inspirational Quotes

“Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.” – Unknown

“In the search for truth, I discovered the principles of Freemasonry.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry teaches us to be better men and to make the world a better place.” – Unknown

“Masonry is not something we do; it is something we are.” – Brother Ralph McCallum

“The strength of Freemasonry lies in its unity of purpose and the diversity of its members.” – Unknown

“Masonry takes good men and makes them better.” – Unknown

“The light of Masonry shines brightest when we walk together in harmony.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry is a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.” – Unknown

“As Masons, we are builders of character and builders of society.” – Unknown

“The only way to be a true Mason is to live Masonry.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry teaches us to be upright in our actions and square in our dealings.” – Unknown

“In Masonry, we find wisdom in the past, strength in the present, and hope for the future.” – Unknown

“The greatest secrets of Freemasonry are found in the hearts of its members.” – Unknown

“To be a Mason is to seek knowledge and strive for virtue.” – Unknown

“Masonry reminds us that we are all brothers on a common journey.” – Unknown

“Freemasonry is a fraternity of men bound by principles, not politics.” – Unknown

“The temple we build in Masonry is a symbol of the temple we build within ourselves.” – Unknown

“Masonry teaches us to be charitable in our actions and compassionate in our hearts.” – Unknown

“The greatest gift a Mason can give is the gift of friendship.” – Unknown

“In the Masonic journey, we discover that the real treasure is the journey itself.” – Unknown

Masonic Motivational Quotes

“As Freemasons, we strive to square our actions with the principles of truth and integrity.”

“Masonry teaches us to value the journey as much as the destination, for growth lies in the process.”

“In the lodge, we find a sacred space where differences are set aside, and unity prevails.”

“The plumb reminds us to lead upright and honorable lives, always striving for moral rectitude.”

“Freemasonry is a universal language of morality that transcends borders and cultures.”

“Our Masonic obligations are a solemn commitment to live virtuously and serve humanity.”

“The working tools of a Mason are instruments of transformation, shaping us into better individuals.”

“Masonry is a timeless tradition that encourages us to leave the world better than we found it.”

“Through the lessons of Masonry, we learn to be leaders who lead by example and inspire others.”

“In the company of Freemasons, we find mentors and friends who uplift us on our journey.”

“The cable tow reminds us of the bonds that connect us as brothers, regardless of distance or circumstance.”

“Freemasonry is a path of self-improvement, where each step brings us closer to the light of knowledge.”

“The lambskin apron symbolizes the purity and innocence of our intentions as Masons.”

“Masonic lodges are sanctuaries of wisdom, where seekers of truth gather to learn and grow.”

“As Freemasons, we are custodians of a rich heritage, passing down timeless values to future generations.”

“The Masonic path is one of continual learning, with each degree unveiling new insights.”

“In Masonry, we discover the power of charity and the joy of giving without expecting anything in return.”

“Freemasonry is a living tradition, adapting to the times while preserving its timeless principles.”

“The Masonic journey is a quest for self-improvement, guided by the principles of our Craft.”

“As Masons, we are called to be builders of character, constructing a legacy of honor and virtue.”

Famous Masonic Sayings

“Freemasonry: Making good men better.”

“Brotherly love, relief, and truth.”

“As Masons, we build for eternity.”

“In the lodge, we find friendship and unity.”

“To be one, ask one.”

“We meet upon the level and part upon the square.”

“Freemasonry: A beautiful system of morality.”

“The greatest honor we can receive is to be called Brother.”

“Freemasonry teaches us to strive for self-improvement.”

“We travel together on the journey of life.”

“Masonry seeks to make good men better husbands, fathers, and citizens.”

“Freemasonry is a science of symbols.”

“Masonic light dispels darkness.”

“To be a Mason is to be a seeker of knowledge.”

“We are builders of character.”

“Masonry is a fraternity of like-minded individuals.”

“We are bound by the ties of brotherhood.”

“Freemasonry is a progressive science.”

“The temple not made with hands.”

“Masons make the world a better place.”

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