200+ Missing You Status for Whatsapp That You Love

Missing someone can be hard and beautiful at the same time. We all have our moments of longings for special someone.

Expressing the sensations of missing someone can be difficult sometimes, so here are a few WhatsApp statuses for you.

Missing You Status for Whatsapp

  • I miss you whenever I see clouds sailing in the azure skies. 

  • You are the joy that my heart has longed for a millennium and I miss you. 

  • Even the most beautiful words fail to replace “I miss you”. 

  • Like a dream, you vanished in thin air but I still miss you. 

  • We created so many magical moments and now every second I miss you. 

  • I love purple tulips flowers and dedicated “I miss you” notes. 

  • It gives me a fairytale whenever he says “I miss you”.

  • I know the feeling of missing someone; it’s like being half alive.

  • A part of me has walked away from everything, while another part still misses him. 

  • Longing for our happy times together, never thought I would miss you so much. 

  • You are my eternity and I miss you. 
Missing Someone Status, Messages And Quotes

Missing Love Status

  • I wish I could paint “I miss you” in the sky.

  • He is my childhood memories of happiness, I miss him so much.

  • I miss the magic of mud cakes, beaches, and you! 

  • Without you, there’s something magical missing from my life. 

  • I no longer miss you, you have become a part of my heart, I feel you always. 

  • When my heart sends me “I miss you” signals it’s difficult to avoid.

  • Kissing you is anytime better than missing you.

  • My heart skipped a bit when he texted me “I miss you”.

  • A simple “miss you” from her is really precious.

  • I wish to do everything on earth but not miss you.

  • She was the finest and loveliest human to be missed.

  • You never really understand how much I miss you.

  • Only when I am with you I stop missing you.

  • Missing you is sometimes a very hurtful feeling.

  • To miss you is to remember you all the time.

  • If I miss you it means I want to keep you close to my heart always.

  • As much as I miss you, I miss the smell of your perfume.

  • After we stopped talking I felt so incomplete. I miss you.

  • Perhaps someday we will meet again till then I’ll miss you. 

  • When I terribly miss you I want to hold you in my arms.

  • Every time it rains I look at the sky and miss you.

  • I miss you more than you love me.
Missing Someone Status, Messages And Quotes
  • Those small moments with you remind me how much I miss you.

  • Even in those spaces between the seconds, I miss you.

  • Every time I miss you I hide you in my poetry.

  • You left a light in my heart and now I miss you.

  • Now because I miss you,I have late-night conversations with the moon.

  • Every time the cold wind blows I close my eyes and miss you.

  • Missing you keeps you close to my heart to let me feel your warmth.

  • Even though I miss you, your love is forever imprinted on my heart.

Missing someone WhatsApp status

Missing someone and remembering them is difficult. The memories we have with that person are bittersweet. Thus, we have come up with the best “missing someone” WhatsApp status that rightfully expresses your feelings.

  • When I look up into the clear blue sky and see clouds floating by, it reminds me of how much I miss you.

  • You are the happiness that my soul has yearned for a thousand years, and I find that I cannot live without you. I miss you.

  • It doesn’t matter how wonderful the words are. They can’t take the place of just saying, “I miss you.”

  • You disappeared into thin air like a dream, yet I can’t help but think about you often.

  • Together, we have made so many unforgettable memories, and I miss you more and more with each passing second.

“I miss you” WhatsApp Status.

A simple “I miss you” text can convey how much we are thinking of a person. So we have gathered some of the best ways of saying “I miss you” on Whatsapp chat.

  • I have a soft spot in my heart for purple tulip flowers and handwritten letters saying, “I miss you.”

  • The memories that I have with you are bittersweet. They make me smile as well as miss you even more.

  • Every time he says, “I miss you,” it makes me feel like I’m in a fantasy.

  • I know what it’s like to feel like you’re only half alive when someone you care about is absent from your life.

  • While there is a part of me that has distanced itself from everything, there is also a part of me that continues to long for him.
  • I never imagined that I would miss you as much as I do, yet the memories of our joyful moments spent together keep coming back to me.

  • You are my eternity, and I long for your company every day.

  • I wish there were a way to permanently write “I miss you” in the clouds.

  • I have many happy memories of him from my youth, and I think about him often.

  • The enchantment of mud cakes, beaches, and you are all things that I long for.
  • My life is lacking a wonderful quality because of you, and I cannot imagine living it any other way.

  • I no longer find myself missing you since you have integrated into the very fabric of my heart, and I am constantly aware of your presence.

  • It is tough to resist thinking about you when my heart starts sending me messages that say, “I miss you.”

  • If I had to choose between missing you and kissing you, I’d choose the kiss any day.

  • When he texted me, “I miss you,” my heart did a little jump when it saw the message.

Missing You Status For Whatsapp

  • I miss you like a kid who misses eating candies.

  • I miss disturbing you more than I miss you.

  • Just like peanut butter misses jelly, I miss you!

  • I miss you text from the right person will give you goosebumps.

  • My heart aches for you because I miss you so much.

  • Missing you was the hardest thing I had to do in my life.

  • I miss you even after we broke up because you are loveable.

  • Every now and then I look at my phone because I’m missing you.

  • Looking back on the days you made me laugh I start missing you.
Missing Someone Status, Messages And Quotes
  • I will miss you until I can hug you again.

  • It’s just been a day, and I have already started to miss you

  • When I miss you, the whole world around me seems to be empty

  • I miss you, death cannot take you away from me.

  • You will miss her more after you lose her.

  • I miss you because I have no one to be crazy with.

  • Every time I miss you, I miss my happiness.

  • I still look for you in the crowd. I miss you.

  • Tonight I am drowning in your memories because I miss you.

  • You gave me so many hurtful memories, yet I miss you.

  • Sometimes I lay in bed at 3 am and start missing you.

  • There is both pleasure and pain in missing you.

  • Sometimes in a crowd of people I miss myself the most.

  • Missing you broadens the feelings that we shared.

  • It’s crazy how badly I miss you even though I know that u don’t.

  • Every time I miss you I cherish those memories with you.

  • Whenever I miss you I hug the teddy that you gave me.

  • Sometimes in missing you I feel your presence.

  • Your absence makes me suffocate, and now I’m badly missing you.

  • Missing you is the favorite part of my day.

  • I am missing you; I just want you beside me all the time.

  • I wish we are together more often because I miss you a lot.

  • In every step, I take I miss you so much.

  • My heart melts when I hear “I miss you” from you.

  • I am caged in your memories, and I miss you.

  • These sleepless nights make me realize how much I miss you.

  • I miss your voice and your lame jokes but most importantly, I miss you.

  • Missing you is not the hardest part, but knowing that you won’t come back is.

  • I miss you and also having fun together.

  • I never want to admit that I miss you, but I really do.

  • I miss you every time I listen to your favorite song.

  • It seems my heart is still with you because I miss you.

  • I miss you just like you miss catching the raindrops.

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