A speech on “Negative Aspects of Living in An Era of Apathy”

Good (—) to one and all present here. My name is (—) and I am here today to speak to you about the negative aspects of living in an era of apathy. Apathy is associated with feeling indifferent or lacking emotion. They have a general lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. 

Nowadays there are many people with apathy. I have seen various people who started to lose interest in activities that once excited them. One of the prominent negative aspects of living in an era of apathy is that people are never satisfied with anything. They do not value anything or love anyone. Everything looks dull and pale for them. We have seen how poets have romanticized nature and portrayed their surroundings in ways that will make every reader fall in love with it. In this era, it is never seen.

Most people are depressed or are going through crises constantly. Along with many things that have changed from the past, the minds and interests of people have also changed drastically. People now like to live in their world with their gadgets. No one likes to appreciate the small things around them. 

If we look around, we can find that most youths are absorbed in their imaginary world and are always tired and sulking. If this continues, I would not even want to think about what will happen in the coming generations. Nowadays feelings are seldom associated with art. Art is just art and not a piece that touches the soul. Music is just a set of notes arranged in the right tempo and pitch and nothing more than that.

People tend to analyze everything from the technical aspects of it and not take a moment to appreciate its beauty. Winters, summers, and springs are just seasons of the earth. Flowers and gardens are just botanical elements that exist. We have come to such a point that even people who appreciate this are mocked and considered inferior. 

People often lose motivation and insight into the general purpose of their lives. I have often heard people say that they are living a mechanical life. Even though most people are aware of this, they can’t do anything to change it because they will be seen as different people. Having emotions is seen as a weakness today. No one realizes that we need people like them in this era. Apathy is one of the main reasons why people lose humanity and important aspects like sympathy and empathy. People do not even regret their actions today because they are not interested to think about what they have done and to correct their mistakes. 

To get rid of apathy, we should change our outlook on life. Focus more on what is inside than what lies outside. Remove the thoughts that have been stopping you from doing what you love. Force yourself to get up and get things done. Make commitments and fight against apathy and achieve your goals. Don’t simply exist. Live your life. Thank you.

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