A Speech on “We Should Never Be Beaten as A Punishment”

Suppose you have been invited in an event and also requested to deliver a speech on the topic “We Should Never Be Beaten As A Punishment”. Then you must have to prepare yourself in advance to deliver that speech properly.

Here we have written this speech regarding this mentioned topic. Now take its help to prepare yourself nicely for your upcoming speech. On the final day, you must have to discuss the following points one by one.

Speech Template:

Good (—) everyone. My name is (—) and I am here today to tell you why we should never be beaten as a punishment. I have often heard my parents say how they used to be beaten up as children by their parents and teachers for their betterment. While there are so many other methods for better a child, beating or hitting is one of the most gruesome and inhumane methods of enforcing discipline.

parents use belts, sticks, and other objects to beat us when we do something wrong.

It hurts enough even when they beat us with their hands. I understand that most parents use this measure out of desperation, but know that it negatively impacts us. Most teachers have stopped this practice due to human rights rules but in some places, it still exists and children are asked to keep mum about it as it is “for their own good”.

I would like to talk to you about some of the negative impacts the practice of beating has on minds and what its long-term effects are. 

As children, we tend to learn and imitate our parents as our parents are our model during this age. When we see how our parents beat us, we tend to feel that it is okay to beat people and hurt them if they do not behave according to our wishes. This may breed aggressive and bad habits in us from a very small age.

Also if you beat us regularly, we develop a negative self-image about us and lose respect for ourselves, as it is the bad children that always get beaten up. It lowers our self-esteem and also emotionally hurts us more than physical when our elders beat us. Beating and hurting us also tends to make us from our parents as we see them with fear and this fear stays inside us for a long time, thus detaching from them slowly.

According to researches, beating and spanking have a negative effect on the temperament and behavior of children as they turn out to be very angry and aggressive in the long run. It may also affect their cognitive and mental health without the parents knowing. Although you may think that beating children may have positive benefits, it is not so. It only scars them for life and may end up having odd behaviors.

Some children turn out to be depressed and move to drugs and alcohol abuse. It will be most effective if parents can calmly sit with their children and talk about their problem, how it affects them, and how they can change it, instead of simply spanking them.

In the heat of the moment, parents may feel satisfied when they give the child a spanking or a beating. But they should be aware of the consequences that the momentary feeling may have on their child. Thus I conclude by saying that beating should never be given as a punishment. Thank you.

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