A Speech on “Open-Book Tests Are as Effective as Closed-Book Tests.”

Open book examination always helps in preventing the mental stress of the student. In this modern world, there is excessive pressure and stress on students regarding their studies and future; thus, they become victims of serious depression and mental pressure from a very young age.

For this reason, either the huge syllabus of the lessons should be reduced to give them some relief, or the students should be given the opportunity to an open book test system.

We all have to know that an open Book Exam do not mean that the students entitled to it will not have to study hard or in a proper way. The students must still familiarize themselves with their syllabus and the course material. The attention would actually shift from the use of memory to the proper understanding of the subject matter or the given topic.

While memory does play a very significant role even in the latter part of our life, it is not as important as our learning years can make it out to be. There are a very small number of things that one has to recall or remember when giving open-book exams, but we have to know about the topic clearly.

On the other hand, some people who are against the practice of open-book tests can confidently say that open-book tests are absolutely unwanted and not very useful for students. Those tests cannot help the students retain the information they have learned just as much as a test of the closed book really does.

From various experiences, we can say that remembering many lessons really helps in most of everything. But in the cases of an open book test the power to recall or remember a particular answer becomes really difficult. As it allows a student to bring the books, the text, or the subject material they have in their syllabus.

This drastically reduces the power and ability to remember various lessons of a student. Those open book tests make a student’s memory-grasping power weaker, which in the long run can create a situation in which a person becomes purely dependent on the subject materials. 

Therefore, some people will definitely build up the counter-argument that one should give the open book test is a false and not-so-credible statement. If they had to study the open book process, they would have completely denied the good sides and purposes of conducting an “open book test”. 

Usually, the open book test are being conducted on a large chapter or portion of the syllabus and the answers have to be written somewhere throughout the entire book or the subject material thing. 

In a nutshell, those students who don’t support the idea of conducting open book tests will argue that those tests are terrible. They will always prefer a closed book test in which they have the chance to utilize their memory power in a positive way. They only have to study the subject material and take the test properly.

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  1. O.b.e.can damage our memory,any part of our body has different types f ability,when that part will take rest forever , gradually is lose its ability

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