A Speech on “Parents Should Let Students Fail”

   Failure is the only way of success. Everybody says that only by failure you can reach to your destination. In day today modern life there are many fails, many bad phases in this fast and advanced life. But only by holding patients, we have to reach to our desirable destinations. Failure is essential for gaining success in our life.  Our beautiful life has many ups and downs. Ups are calculated in terms of successes and downs are calculated by failures. Both are very much important in our life.

             Our childhood is protected by our parents. They teach us every time, how to fight in difficult situations in our life and build our existence in this beautiful world. Parents love us so much. Whatever they taught us that all are useful in our day today future life. So, it is very much important that, the parents should be very careful about how they teach their children.

            Parents can’t see to see their children to fail. It is very hard to see your children to get poor numbers in subjects.  You want them to succeed, in every aspect in their life. But you didn’t aware them about failure. Parents protect their children from pains every time.

            The Parents don’t want to be judged. Your children are your reflection. They made like that how you made them. Parents should teach their children how to handle every situation in their life, whether that is good or bad. They should teach their children how to handle failure in their life. The parents should refer to their children that failures are a part of a growing life. 

            The world always sees our children as a reflection of our parents.  The common words are that if your child poor in handling life struggles then its only reflects yours personality, your education and also your childhood days. As in same aspect. Whenever you child doing great in life, then it is sure that you must taught him or her with something great words and lessons.

             Starting growing up, the parents have started to neglect the line between help the children more and not give so much help to the toddlers.   No one wants to see their child get hurt. But that is more dangerous to keeping safe from hurt .Which   do not grow the resistance capability   into them.    

                Most of the time the parents and child relationships are like boss and employee relationship dynamic. Whenever they fall in any situation the parents seen it as incapability and should be ‘fired’. Failure teaches lessons. Sometimes, you might need to remind yourself to your kids the actual benefits of failures.

               According to the Child Mind Institute, children who realized that failure is a part of life. The life is full of failures and successes. In that case the children should have less anxiety, depression and fear. They started to live a happy life and get ready for all the bad and difficult situations in their life. They become emotionally strong.

So, at last but not the list, Parents should let their children lose and have to say their children that there is no progress without struggles and failures.

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