101+ “Patriotic” Lines, Quotes, And Sayings

We all love our country deeply. One can never forget the sacrifices the army men make for us to protect us.

These men risk their lives and fight for the country whenever needed. Share your favorite “Patriotic” Lines, Quotes, And Sayings list with all your loved ones.

Funny “Patriotic” Lines, Quotes, And Sayings

  • A place of freedom dedicated to the brave. 

  • Let freedom ring! 

  • Freedom House was founded in 1776. 

  • Young, wild, and free. 

  • Forever, one flag, one country, one nation. 

  • The country I love. 

  • Give me freedom or give me death. 

  • Red symbolizes strength and courage. White symbolizes purity and innocence. Blue represents vigilance, persistence, and justice. 

  • Today, the same light shines in all of our eyes. 

"Patriotic" Lines, Quotes, And Sayings
  • Red, strong, and blue. 

  • Honey, you are a firework.

  • I realize the American dream. 

  • She is an American girl. 

  • Shown in red, white, and blue. 

  • Drink like Lincoln. 

  • Red, white, and jam. 

  • Why are there no jokes about America? Because it sounds free 

  • Party like this 1776 

  • It’s too cool for British rule 

  • I like cold beer, black coffee, and tea in the harbor 

  • I don’t hate America because it has done a lot for its people 

  • Did you hear that joke about the Liberty Bell? 

  • Continue flying; it is July 4th! 

  • Red wine and blue. 

  • Goodbye, my sweet apple pie 

  • Is June over? Yes. It is July! 
"Patriotic" Lines, Quotes, And Sayings

  • Benjamin Trinkin. 

  • I’m pretty sure I’m a lightning bolt in another life. 

  • Trying to apply for a professional criminal position at the party on July 4th. 

  • Sorry, I can’t hear you because the Liberty Bell is ringing.

  • Barbecue, otherwise it won’t work. 

  • I’m at the Barbecue Festival on July 4th-please drink. 

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  • Patriotism is what the heart wants. When a person’s heart beats loyal to his country, he is a patriot. 

Patriotism is the last refuge of villains

  • People who love the motherland never want to rule it. 

  • Patriotism is the desire to kill and be killed for trivial reasons. 

  • The essence of patriotism is to sacrifice personal interests for the common good.

  • Patriotism is one of the constant facts of human nature. When you like it, it is a virtue, when you don’t like it, it is a vice. 

  • You should not turn a blind eye to patriotism, lest you face reality. No matter who said or did it, bad is bad. 

  • Patriotism is like religion: the less publicity it is, the better. 

"Patriotic" Lines, Quotes, And Sayings
  • What a strange expression of patriotism, turning a thoughtful creature into a faithful machine! 

  • Patriotism is superstition created and supported by lies on the Internet; superstition deprives a person of self-esteem and dignity and increases their arrogance and vanity. 

  • Patriotism is a double-edged sword. It promotes blood and shrinks thoughts. 

  • Although patriotism is often touted as an indisputable asset, the state of patriotism is a problem for many thoughtful people. 

  • Patriotism is the recognition that people who share land, place, and history have special obligations to this place and to each other. 

  • They sell us new ideas of patriotism. I never thought that patriotism should be encouraged. 

  • Patriotism is something you have experienced deeply. 

  • Patriotism is religion, and worship, loyalty to the national flag, honor, and prosperity. 

  • When patriotism is eliminated, the soul of the nation will flee. 

  • Patriotism is the opposite of selfish individualism. 

  • Patriotism is a strong sense of collective responsibility. Nationalism is a stupid rooster that crowed in its own dung, demanding more spurs and a lighter beak. 

  • Patriotism: You think this country is better than all other countries because you were born there. 

  • Not all patriotism is the same as nationalism because patriotism is different from worshiping a country.

  • Promoting patriotism is an important goal, but when it distorts facts, it is nothing more than a form of propaganda. 

  • Patriotism is actually a cult. 

  • Except for patriotism, we have no other national ideas and no other ideas. 

  • Thinking back to their own hearts, everyone can easily judge whether they are patriotic or not. But for the audience, it is not so easy. 

  • Patriotism takes pride in the country’s strengths and tries to correct its shortcomings; he also acknowledges the legitimate patriotism of other countries and his own special strengths. 

  • Responsibility, honor, land. These three sacred words piously stipulate what kind of person you should be, what kind of person you can become, and what kind of person you will become. 

  • I think a hero is a person who understands the level of responsibility that freedom brings. 

  • Fighting for something in life is better than dying for nothing. 

  • Those who wish to benefit from freedom must, like humans, endure the fatigue of trying to maintain freedom. 

  • Patriotism is easy to understand in the United States. This means taking care of yourself and taking care of your country. 

  • A person’s land is not a specific piece of land, forest, rivers, and mountains, instead of a principle, and patriotism is loyalty to that very principle. 

  • I am proud of being an American, although at least I know that I am free. 

  • Freedom cannot be given, it must be realized. 

  • Unless we make this country a good place for all of us, this country will not be a good place for any of us. 

  • In the truest sense, no freedom can be granted. This must be done. 

  • Modern patriotism, true patriotism, and the only rational patriotism is to always be loyal to the country and the government. 

  • Patriotism is your belief that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in this country. 

  • As long as this country is the home of the powerful people in this world, it will only be a free land. 

  • I like to see people proud of where they live. I like to see people alive so that their status is proud of them. 

  • People love their country not because it is great, but because it belongs to them. 

  • The United States is a good idea or nothing. The United States is the Brotherhood of Humanity or chaos.

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