A Speech on “Why Do People Lie and How to Deal with That.”

When someone you trust or know sometimes lies to you it can create the manifold feelings of confusion, betrayal, sadness and being abandoned. Those different types of negative feelings can change into intense sadness when it’s the person you love with all of your heart. It can stop your every thoughts, desires, affect your life goals, and make you a sick person.

The person who is being lied to can be tortured with various questions like.  why? Why did someone lie to me? Do they not really trust me a bit? Do they not really care for me as I thought?

Troubled questions like these can torture the mind for a long time.

A great solution of this problem is to focus on the understanding. When you find yourself having troubles with these questions like a mad person, just remember the value of that person in your life. Try to thing with more feelings about the reasons behind the lie. And try to strengthen your trust.

Understanding the reason behind why people lie can help a person to start to get relaxation or relief from the pain. There can be many reasons about why people lie.

A main reason can be the thought of protection, which can come in two varieties like—protection for the dear ones and the protection for oneself.

Protection for the loved ones is probably one major reason of why does people lie. They thought of insecurity that if they tell the person about the truth it will hurt them or in some way they will feel guilty. However, this may appear as the most insulting lies. It makes the person who is lied to as though they are being viewed as someone who is not trustworthy or weak.

The second form is depicted as, protection for oneself, or tortured by immense fear of judgment, or the feelings of the loss of respect, or love. In some cases, especially the children, it can be arise with a fear of punishment.

Sometimes it is related to personal gain, this case is related to attain some sort of financial gain, getting sympathy from others, or sometimes playing a false role. At the depth of the reason lies the intention related to greed.

During times of pain, keeping a clear head is very difficult. Meditation is a key process for you to cope of with the lies of others. 

Sometimes it depends on the person’s importance to you and how deep the betrayal or lie was, which could take many days to sort your emotions after the betrayal. Try to communicate clearly with them, it is worth it when you are ready to build a stronger relationship and grow individually.

Always try to think by standing on their side, or try to think about the situation with his/ her point of view. You can understand that persons difficulties and causes of keeping you in the dark.

These can help you in solving your problems with your loved ones regarding the problems of the lie. 

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