60+ Great Popeye The Sailor Man Sayings

Popeye the Sailor, is a made-up American comic personality made by Elzie Crisler Segar.

Built a part of several generations since the 1930s, everyone knows this anchor marked, Spinach tooting sailor.

Given below are some of the great Popeye the Sailor Man sayings from his cartoon series.

Here are Popeye the Sailor Man’s Sayings for you.

-I am not a tailor, but I understand what is suitable for me.

-I am not weak to the finish ’cause I eat spinach.

-You believe I’m a herder?

-That’s all I can be able to stand; I cannot stand anymore.

-Well, surprise me!

-Where is the door to the exit?

-Yes, a fresh writer to pens me spinach back in the story.

-Doh-de-diddly-do, Barbecue for my sweetie and me!

-Like, I am my own person. I have my own personality, traits, and beliefs.

-Oh, really? I’m as well-mannered and cultured as the typical rowdy.

-Let the cow fall! You ought to be sympathetic to mindless animals.

-Cheese and spinach are tough to the finish.

-Oh, yes? You females are extremely stubborn.

-Garnish. My visibility is ruined by this invisibility.

-I’m about to explain a good, real fairy story, Swee’pea.

-Oh, my garnish! He will be assassinated to expiration!

-I feel like a Sex offender.

-That’s what I get for intervening with the post-delivery.

-Let’s resolve this square and fair.

-Olive is mine.

-And this is the reason the sea contains a lot of salt.

-Yes, everybody accepts a salty sailor.

-At some time in the past, there existed a gorgeous princess named Olive Drab.

-And so, Prince Popeye and Princess Olive Drab lived cheerfully ever after.

-Hiya, Olive. Let’s go for a little walk in the garden.

-Popeye spinach kabobs are my favorite dish.

-Small or big, Wimpy always keeps his craving.

-And I adore this small double-dating because I’m Popeye, the sailor man.

-Probably, it sounds amusing’, But females are confusing.

-Wimpy can’t gyp Rough House.

-Even though I am not a tailor, I am aware of what is suitable for me. 

-If this is not me, then who is me? And if somebody else is me, why do I look like myself? 

-You will be paid by me happily on Tuesday for today’s hamburger.

-Refrain from touching yourself. This is what you are. 

-Cautious there, avoid fluttering my feathers. Who am I? I am not a psychic, but I understand what’s important. 

-He was found by me in Sweet Haven; that’s the reason he is called Swee’Pea. 

-Oh yes? WHAM!

-If we can’t be companions, we will be foes.

-If I was going to be the mother of Swee’Pea, I should’ve at least allowed Olive to be the dad of Swee’Pea.

-I am dissipated.

-Shake me timbers.

-Don’t let us jump to seclusions.

-Is this a building of ill rebukes? Ooh, who’d take me baby to this den of immorality? Do not touch anything. You might get a serious illness. 

-Hello, is this one of Bluto’s pranks? I’m in the incorrect film.

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