89+ Best Sailor Sayings

The profession of a sailor or a mariner has been known since time unknown. From primitive handmade tools to modern scientific technologies, the challenges of sailing have been eased a lot. But is it really so? Well, it might not be the case because the technology might have been upgraded, but the ocean did not change at all.

The treacherous and rough nature that the oceans and seas possess has still kept the profession of mariners a tough job.

Although the sailors are supposed to stay away from the land and from their families, here are some of the sayings that help upsurge the motivational level among the sailors when they are in the sea.

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Sailor Sayings

-The person who is fond of practicing without knowing the theory can best be compared to a sailor who has boarded the ship with no compass and a rudder and has no idea where he will end up.

-It is extremely useful for a sailor to know the precise length of the line, but it is to be kept in mind that he will not be able to measure the depth of the ocean.

-The secret behind being successful in the sea is nothing but to keep things as simple as possible.

-There is hardly any difference between the joy of a child and the joy of a sailor.

-You should always be aware of the thing that there is no trying.

Sailor Sayings

-They have a sense of service and are more disciplined than anyone else. Possessing all these qualities is enough to say that they should run the world.

-The waves and the winds are always with the ablest sailor.

-The thing which cannot be repaired must not be kept in the ship in the very first place.

-You will come across a pessimist who will blame the wind. You will see that an optimist will always desire to change. But a realist will always sail accordingly.

-You always sail a little whenever you stare at the sea.

-The sea has taught me how little a person wants. It is certainly not about how much.

-There are certain things that we learn the best when things are calm. Again, there are things that we learn the best when there is a storm.

-The best experience you can have is the one when you see wind that is favorable to you just after you leave the shore. It takes away all your frustrations and madness.

-A ship is always safe when it is in the harbor but a ship is not really meant to be in the harbor.

-You will be able to cross the ocean if you are courageous enough to see the shore vanishing slowly as you sail away.

-I am no longer afraid of storms because I am learning how to sail.

-You will never find the wind to be favorable if you do not know the port to which you are sailing.

-I will never say that life on the shore is not good. But it is just that I will always say that life in the sea is always better.

-The person who is waiting for all the dangers to get over to start sailing should definitely not go sailing.

-The sea always speaks the language of slang. The language of the sea will not be understood by the people who are polite.

-All the mistakes that you have committed will be found out by the sea.

Sailor Sayings

-No one will ever say that the sea has been friendly to him. The maximum the sea has done is be the accomplice of the restlessness of the human.

-A skilled sailor did not acquire his skills by sailing only in the seas, which are calm.

-We should never hope that the sea is going to rest ever. We should prepare ourselves to sail when the winds are high.

-It is a misconception that it is the ship that ensures a successful voyage. It is always the attribute of the skillful sailor who sails the ship.

-The person who thinks that the sea is no longer dangerous to him is already in great danger.

-A man, when he starts loving life in the sea, no longer finds life on land to be beautiful or interesting.

-You cannot control the wind, but you can control the sail.

-The things that are mandatory for sailing are quick reflexes, a mixture of strong feelings with the wind and the ocean, the soul, and the boat’s heat. When you sail, you learn to be alert and courageous.  In return, you get a pleasure that no other sport can ever give you.

-A foolish will always carry on, but a sagacious man will always have a way to shorten the sailing time.

-The person saying that he goes to the sea for fun chooses hell for his pass time.

-When you see a wave as high as thirty feet then while steering, do not look back. The crew looks at you, and you look back at their faces. This makes the situation more intense and makes you nervous.

-The bad day sailing is at least one hundred times better than what you call a good day at your workplace.

-On a favorable windy day, you just need to start sailing, and you enjoy the beauty of the world.

-Over time, we get bounded to the ocean. Whenever we return back to the sea for sailing, we feel like we are returning back to the place we truly belong to.

-I have realized that whenever we start sailing, my days pass happily.

-The ocean has been all the same throughout. It did not change from what it was before the men even sailed a ship through it.

-The true art of the sailor is not leaving anything on chance.

Sailor Sayings

-The thing that worries a sailor is the beach. Whenever he loses sight of the shore, happiness begins.

-Before everything, a sailor must remember that the sea has no place for cowards.

-There is no unit to measure the waves. It is measured by the successive increase in the level of your fear.

-A sailor is never lost when he is in the sea.

-A sailor’s aim is not to sail the ship but to let the ship sail all by her.

-A sailor is nothing but an artist. But instead of paints, a sailor’s medium is the wind.

-God created land so that ships and boats could visit the land.

-You cannot say that you have lived your life to the fullest unless you have sailed.

-The sea casts spells, and once it does it, the net made up of fascinating wonders always holds one for you.

-A person should make up his mind not to sail if he plans to start sailing only after he is sure that there are no more dangers waiting for him in the sea.

-Harbours keep the ships safe but is it really where the ships are supposed to be for its whole life?

-A sailor, when in the sea, always knows where he is heading to.

-A person with the misconception that the sea has got no more dangerous for him and his ship is already in big danger.

-The more treacherous the sea where a sailor practices, the more skills he develops with each passing day.

Sailor Sayings

-Once a man gets the essence of life in the ocean, he does not love the land as he used to love it before.

-Remember that the wind is under no one’s control, but the ship is certainly under the control of the sailor.

-The sea keeps in mind every single mistake that you commit.

-Cutting the time of sailing cannot be done by fools. A wise sailor will always be able to cut down on sailing time.

-You cross the ocean only when you have the boldness to accept that you are leaving the shore.

-The true art of being a sailor developed by those who do not leave anything to chances and circumstances.

-Over the years, I have developed this realization that my days are happy whenever I start sailing.

-When you are in the sea being a sailor, you are not supposed to hesitate. Either you take a step ahead, or you do not. There is no halfway thing.

-The sailor is an artist who creates his masterpieces with winds instead of colors.

-If you want to achieve success in the sea being a sailor, then the only thing that you need to do is to keep things simple.

Sailor Sayings

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