281+ Detective Pikachu Quotes That’ll Zap Your Mind! (Images)

Pikachu, the electrifying and endearing Pokémon, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its charming personality and iconic presence in the Pokémon universe.

Just as Pikachu’s thunderbolt-shaped tail sparks excitement, so do the memorable Pikachu quotes that have emerged over the years.

Whether you’re a dedicated Pokémon trainer or simply a fan of this lovable yellow creature, Pikachu’s quotes offer wisdom, humor, and inspiration.

In this collection, we delve into the world of Pikachu and explore the delightful words of wisdom it has shared throughout its adventures.

Join us as we relive some of the most electrifying Pikachu quotes that have left a lasting imprint on fans young and old.

Detective Pikachu Quotes

-I’m aware that you won’t be able to understand my words, but still, I’m warning you to put the stapler down or else I will hurt you with an electric shock.

-Amazing! You perceived what I actually meant!

-Wait. This is not casual eye contact. You perceive me with your ear.

-You can perceive my words! I’m just alone!

-No child. All I need is your help.

Pikachu Quotes

-I got a serious problem. I want you to hear from me.

-You are an illusion.

-You are delightful dear, but they can’t perceive me.

-This is not a second for me, kid.

-They always try to converse with me. They get to hear pika only. It is unacceptable when they kiss me, pay me and poke me.

-You are getting everything here, kid. The only person who can hear me is you. It is all god’s will.

-So I was in the center of nowhere with forgetsies. The only hint to my past is the address and name of Harry inside this cap. I found you when I was making my way to the flat. I am clueless; probably, I have gone extending far down.

-Mixed up with the wrong mob. Happens to the finest of us. The debts multiple crashes, and the walls gradually get nearer. False becomes true; true becomes false.

-Wait, I am bewildered. Besides my voice, are you hearing other sounds? 

-I am unable to remember a mend thing because of my mental disease, amnesia. Do not ever expect even a little help and guidance!

Pikachu Sayings And Quotes

-I can pause wherever I wish. There are other options.

-One more round. Another shot.

-Dark like night. Thank you, dear.

– No, Harry is alive.

-It won’t be the reality just because officers say he is no more.

-Is that true that the body was founded by them?

-Well, I never believed Harry died. Anyway, according to the report, am I also dead? Harry is alive and kicking, just like me. The case is not closed until I puzzle it out.

-But the first two compete with each other to win something.

-Wait a second. It’s important to be together.

-He feigned that he was dead. Or some other person pretended his death. Or harry feigned someone else’s death. The one, at last, is so not relevant.

-Looking for the appropriate detective. I am your best chance to find out your pops.

-See, You can converse with humans; I can converse with Pokemon. We converse with each other. This is not normal to happen. There must be a reason.

-We are together because of hope. Hope is magic. Hope harry is not dead.

-This will be done by us. Me and you.

-Is this room yours?

Pikachu Quotes

-Is there another child that Harry has?

-Should we discuss the certainty that you had a Pikachu bed in your childhood?

I apologize for not hearing you. Can you speak loudly? For the first time, I am gratified and disguised at the same time. A lampshade, is that what exactly I am?

-Ah! My indications.

-This is not easy work.

-No, that hardly made the proper landing.

-Yes, we must go.

-Good Jesus. Have you ever conversed with a woman before?

-Was it during the time baby passes through the canal?

-Speechless but deadly expressing regret my tummy is not good for all the coffee.

Funny Pikachu quotes

Pikachu Quotes

-Catch him.

-Don’t let him know that.

-Oh no, he is crashing down hard, Tim. He should have had that helmet. Let’s hope he will survive.

-Hear me out. We know ways to make you mine or talk.

-So you have to inform us about what we need to know. Why is harry Goodman present here?

-Shoving, yes, a can, pushing. My only problem is I avoid people and loathe them when they leave.

-Oh, Lord. This wall is literally unbreakable

-What? I can push it. No, we are changing roles. I am a terrible cop, and you are a decent cop.

-Oh yes! I am aware. I was a Pokemon too. Do you memorize?

-Clearly, this is not the first time I am dealing with this putz. And I will repeatedly do this!

Pikachu Quotes

-That hat belongs to me. Give it to me. It is expensive as a year’s worth of that R thing.

– You have no intention to do it. I am lovable.

-With just a little kick, Magikarp can gradually develop into Gyarados.

-The hole has so much water… yeah!!

-It is seen differently in my head by me.

-So let me determine this in the right way. They forced us to listen to spa music so our heads didn’t blow up and murder us all.

-Shirtless was addressing this doctor. I bet.

-Probably, this doctor can measure the weight of the psychological effects of a long period of time of not having money into a baby seat next to a bomb.

-At this stage, how can you not believe in global warming?

-Excellent work. Cool down. Stay cool.

-Oh, let’s hope not to see each other ever again.

-Three reasons behind being hated by people are 1) They loathe themselves, 2) They crave to be like you, and 3) You are a threat to them. It doesn’t matter what they have done to you can’t loathe anyone when you are loved by yourself.

-I have a lot to go through as a young woman. But, oh my lord, it feels like I am capable of doing anything I want.

-A boy called Pony by them. He acts disgusting and aroused. He assumes that he has a lot down there, but it’s certain that he wears small underclothes.

-I truly wanted to discuss terror and war and say both sides were totally inefficient. You can’t criticize the other side when you are included in it.

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Cute Pikachu Quotes

Pikachu Quotes

“Every day is a fresh opportunity for happiness!”

“Sending smiles your way!”

“Be your own kind of beautiful.”

“Spread love and positivity.”

“You’re a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.”

“Find joy in the little things.”

“Happiness is a choice, so choose it!”

“Embrace your inner sparkle!”

“Kindness is the best accessory.”

“Shine bright like a star.”

“Believe in the magic of everyday moments.”

“Your smile lights up the room.”

“Hugs, not grudges.”

“Life is better when you’re laughing.”

“Celebrate the beauty of simplicity.”

“Dream big and sparkle more.”

“Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.”

“Your heart knows the way; follow it.”

“Joy is contagious, so spread it around!”

“Love fiercely, laugh freely.”

“Chase your dreams with a smile.”

“You’re a work of art in progress.”

“Adventure awaits around every corner.”

“Life’s a journey; make it a beautiful one.”

“Be the reason someone believes in goodness.”

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