A Speech on Are PowerPoint Presentations a Waste of Time?

Good morning and a very warm welcome to one and all present here. I consider it my privilege to have an opportunity to share my thoughts with this gathering here today. All of us must have had to prepare at least one powerpoint presentation in our academic career or in our professional career and that is exactly what we are going to discuss about today.

While preparing a presentation all of us must have had this question in mind; is this really necessary? The moment we start questioning the necessity of the presentation we are preparing, it is the exact same moment when we start to notice all the unnecessary details and information we are putting into the presentation to which nobody will pay attention to.

When one thinks of attending a meeting or a conference, the first thought that comes into their mind is the boring and long presentations they have to sit through and these presentations are bound to put some of the people in the room to sleep. The fact that some meetings consider having a powerpoint presentation running in the background as something very essential, is the very problem why we are not able to rise above these conventional methods in a meeting.

The time, the effort, and the resources used to make these presentations can be utilised for doing something productive instead of a presentation that nobody really cares about. The fact that even students are asked to make these presentation during project submissions and other events and yet they are not provided with a proper training on what to put on the presentation and what not to put on it is the underlying problem that make the adults put up a very questionable presentation as they have never received a proper guidance regarding how to make an effective and efficient presentation.

The repetitive designs that are found in most of the presentations is yet another cause of the boredom that one experiences throughout a presentation. The template provided by the corporates might not be as interesting and as unique as the corporate would want it to seem and most of the time it just contains a banner and the company logo which is the standard format used by most companies. This act of providing a template might seem innovative and unique but in all honesty it is an age old method of corporates to make their presentations seem unique.

Corporates are not only the place where powerpoint presentations come into play, teachers often use this method in their day to day career to engage students but the question is are they really able to hold the attention of the students with these presentations that they are provided with? It is time that we started thinking about something more than a powerpoint presentation to hold the interests of the people attending the meeting or the conference and it is also important to provide proper training in preparing a presentation. 

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