140+ Famous Quotes About Power

Power can always be understood as one’s ability or one’s ability or someone’s ability to act in a particular way. Power is also the one which is an individual’s capability or an individual ability with which they can even influence the decision of others.

This power is always different for different people, or you can also say that this power always varies from person to person.

Suppose you take it in terms of political power in the hands of that person who holds all the political power and all the policy-making powers or rules and regulations controlled by them. In that case, it can be taken as political power. Power also signifies strength.

Power can also be understood as the aspect of the social interaction or relationship; for instance, when it comes to husband and wife, there may be a situation where the decision-making power lies in any one of them.  

Famous Quotes About Power

-Always remember that you must never give up the power in you just by thinking that you don’t have any. – said by Alice Walker

-I believe that it is the power that actually corrupts our society. – said by John Adams

-One should always remember that no man on this planet has received any such right to command any of his fellow human beings. As we all are the same. – said by Denis Diderot

-You should always know that two kinds of power exist where that fear of punishment obtains one, and those acts of love and affection obtain the other one. – said by Mahatma Gandhi 

-Remember that the power always serves as another check to the power. – said by Montesquieu

Famous Quotes About Power

-One should always be aware that the power, which is the one based on love, is around a thousand times more effective and permanent than the power derived from that fear of punishment. – said by Mahatma Gandhi

-You should always remember that power is never any institution nor any kind of structure. – Michel Foucault

– In my view, power is actually the only attribute to the complex and strategic situation in any particular or for any specific society. – said by Michel Foucault

– I feel that guns have no power at all into it. – said by Malala Yousufazai

– I feel that the clothes that make the man also make them even less powerful in comparison to the naked people as they have a very minute or rather they have no influence of the society over then, which makes them rather more powerful. – said by Mark Twain

– To be very honest, I have never been interested in power just for power’s sake. Still, I have always been interested in it because it is moral, and not only it is also right as well as good, and this power can bring many positive changes in society. – said by Martin Luther King Jr.

– Always remember that nothing can be more powerful than that particular idea whose time has actually come. – said by Everett Dickerson

– One should always be aware that almost all men can stand and face all adversities, but if you want to test that particular man’s real character, then you need just to give him power. – said by Abraham Lincoln

-If you don’t know, then I would like to tell you that the combination of wisdom and power has never been a successful one, and even if it may be the one to be successful but you may find it to be only for a short Period of time. – said Albert Einstein 

-If you really feel that mastering others is the real strength, then you are wrong because when you master your own self, it showcases your true and real power. – said by Lao Tzu

– We all should always just hope that the wisdom of all of us should always be green along with the growth in our power.  – said by Thomas Jefferson 

– You should always keep in mind and not allow any person in your life to tell you, know, basically, the ones who do not even hold any power to say yes. – said Eleanor Roosevelt

– Always remember that you will never find alluring power, especially in those minds that are actually pure. – said by Thomas Jefferson 

– You must always be aware that the power never concedes anything without a demand, which means that as it has never done this till now, it will not do it in the future. – said by Friedrick Douglass

-One should always know that nothing can ever strengthen your authority to what extent your silence can actually do. – said by Leonardo Da Vinci

-I believe that we are just wasting our powers by just getting and then spending it uselessly. – said by  William Wordsworth 

-The one who actually believes in the very sovereign power needs to have the existence of self-reverence, of self-knowledge, and also self-control. – said by Alfred Lord Tennyson

– Only some men in this world have the power to withstand even the highest bidder. – said by George Washington 

– Always remember to make the appropriate and best use of all the power you may have in your hands and keep taking the rest in the manner it is happening. – said by Epictetus

– One should always remember that the true power and all his riches of him lie in himself. – said by Henry Ward Beecher

– Always know that the one who always wants all his commands to be obeyed then he should first learn how to command himself. – said by Niccolo Machiavelli

– The man should always focus only on two things in his life where first is the knowledge that further gives you power, and the other is the character that always gives him respect. – said by Bruce Lee

– Remember, the least of effort you put the faster and the more powerful you always become. – said by Bruce Lee

– You need to keep this in your mind the more greater and superior is the power, the more dangerous and more terrifying the abuse actually is.  – said by Edmund Burke

– Always know that your character is always your power. – said by Booker T. Washington 

– No matter that your circumstances or your conditions may not be favorable or may not be under human control but it is always our conduct that showcases our true power. – said by Benjamin Disraeli 

– You need to understand and remember that the truth is something that is the most powerful one and so it always prevails. – said by Sojourner Truth

– What you need to actually understand is that nothing on this planet earth could ever have the potential in it to neutralize the very influences of that simple and of that useful life. – said by Booker T. Washington 

– Know that the power always has only one duty, and that is mainly to secure and safeguard the social welfare of all the people. – said by Benjamin Disraeli 

– We need to learn that justice and power can never be separated from each other, and so they are always brought together. – said by Blaise Pascal

– Remember that what ever will just have to be powerful, and whatever powerful exists should always be just. – said by Blaise Pascal

– In history as well as now, you will always see that every reign has to submit to a greater and stronger reign as this is like a law of nature. – said by Lucius Annaeus Seneca

– One should always know that excessive fear is the one that always makes you powerless. – said by Aeschylus

– You need to have that understanding that whichever individual is newly exposed to the new powers such individuals are usually harsh. – said by Aeschylus

– No matter how great powers you may have in your hands but the wise and light use of these powers is actually a tough job to do. – said by Lucius Annaeus Seneca

– All of them may never be that much powerful how much we actually make them be. – said by Alice Walker

– Remember that power is given to only those who lower themselves and pick up the power. – said by Fyodor Dostoevsky

– You will always find that the power is just like a lady and that you have to tell people that you are strong every time they feel that you are not. – said by Margaret Thatcher

– If we see the past we find that in the past power has always been only dangerous, where this power attracts the worst and at the same time, it can also corrupt the best ones. – said by Edward Abbey

– Always keep in mind that you never underestimate that power that exists in the very human stupidity. – said by Robert A. Heinlein 

– One should always keep in mind that the power you may have with you is not at all a blessing for you until and unless you do not use it for the protection of those who are innocent and needy. – said by Jonathan Swift

– Money is all the power itself, and this is what I believe. – said by Andrew Jackson 

– I know that nothing else but the negative and empty is the most powerful for me. – said by Alan Watts

– You should always know that your power may always be action, but the actual electoral principle is the original discussion. – said by Honore de Balzac

– I believe that a man has only one way of predicting his future, and that is only when you have the control and that power in his hands to do so. – said by Eric Hoffer

– Always know that when and wherever the excess of power exists, you will find no respect for the property at all and that all the men lose all their power to express their views to convey their very opinions, even he himself is not safe. Also, his possessions are not safe in such situations. – said by James Madison

– If you don’t know, then I would like to tell you that now the rules have actually changed, and now you can see that the true power is the one that exists in the one who has his largest bookshelf and not in those who may just have a gun cabinet. – said Anthony J. D’ Angelo

– Always know that ambition is something that is directly or indirectly related to power as it is the immoderate sense originally for power. – said by Baruch Spinoza

– Even when the entire world is all silent, there will always be that one powerful voice you will see always becomes powerful. – said by Malala Yousafzai

– What I always believe is that silence is in the end, the ultimate as well as the original weapon of power. – said by Charles de Gaulle

– I feel that the power is always the rhetoric that is the most persuasive one. – said by Friedrich Schiller

– All women should know that they need to be strong by harnessing their powers. – said by Cher

– Always remember that the true power always lies in order. – said by Henri Fredric Amiel

Famous Quotes About Power

-I am the one who always believed that power is always the greatest aphrodisiac. – said by Henry Kissinger

– If you don’t know what moral power is best when you don’t use it often. Rather you should always remember that the less you use the moral power you have, the more power you acquire in you. – said by Andrew Young

– If you really feel that politics is all about power, then you are actually wrong because politics is never about any power. – said by Paul Wellstone

– One should always remember that one should not pray for those tasks equivalent to your powers but rather pray for all the powers that you should actually have for all your tasks. – said by Philips Brooks

– I always cured myself with the power that exists in me. – said by Black Elk

– Always remember that your power is all waste if it is without your nation’s confidence. – said by Catherine the Great

– Always remember that your willpower is the only very tensile strength of your own disposition existing in you. – said by Cesare Pavese

– One should always remember that an alliance you may form with a powerful person can never be safe for you. – said by Phaedrus

– One should always know that whenever you have the real power to question it is always the very result of real human progress. – said by Indira Gandhi 

– Always know that calmness is nothing but the very cradle of power. – said by Josiah Gilbert Holland

– you should always know that the power which you may have after love is always the very first source of your happiness. – said by Stendhal

-Always remember that no one in this world could ever control your happiness, so this means that you have that power in your hands to change anything about yourself and also about your life that he ever wished to change. – said by Barbara De Angelis

– The day you will realize the true power that you have in your thoughts, then you will really stop thinking anything negative in your mind. – said by Peace Pilgrim

– Always remember that no matter what may have happened, but remember that in the end, you have all the power to enjoy your life and yourself. – said by Allen Klein

– Remember that there is only one way to get power in your hands that is only when you take it from others. – said by Boss Tweed

– You should know that your power is always dangerous if you lack what is called humility in you. – said by Richard J. Daley

– The man’s greatest power is usually or very often the simple patience he may have in himself. – said by E. Joseph Cossman

– You should always know that only knowledge is the true democratic source of power. – said by Alvin Toffler

– There should always be a power with a purpose that would enable you to give it away to someone else. – said by Aneurin Bevan

– When you have power, the thing of the utmost importance that should be kept in your mind is that you may not use it often but too rarely. – said by Edwin Land

– Keep in mind that when you have unlimited power in your hands, it has the greatest tendency to make you corrupt. – said by William Pitt

– It is the very manner in which actually power is distributed amongst us that is the source of problems because it makes us stand against each other every time.  – said by Anita Hill

– Remember that it is the prestige that is the true and original shadow of money and power. – C. Wright Mills 

-You must always know that power can corrupt you anyways, and if you have absolute power, then it would absolutely corrupt you. – said by John Dalberg Acton

Famous Quotes About Power

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