36+ Best Product Launch Party Invitation Wording ideas

For businesses, a new product launch or the coming of a new sub-brand is of utmost importance to get the marketing spot on. Unless they nail the launch party, there are high chances that the product won’t be as successful as they would’ve wanted it to be.

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Product Launch Party Invitation Wording ideas

-(Company name) works day in and day out to make sure that people get the best out of the services that arse on offer. Each of the people reading this are invited to the launch party of the brand new service line on (date) at (venue). 

-The launch of our new product needs your attention and it can only get better with your presence at the venue! Our team of experts has worked hard to come up with the genius to be launched. Do come and make it worthy! 

-There are have been numerous sleepless nights for the research team to come up with the idea of putting forward a product that has such value and needs in everyday usage. What is it?? Come and witness for yourself! 

-(Company) is known for the efforts they put in to come up with an innovation that is beyond excellence. You are invited to the launch party of (product name) and witness the glory for yourself.

-Launch party isn’t just for the launch of our new product but it also has great food and wine for the entire guest list! DO not miss out on the fun and be a part of the grand launch event of (product name)

-Unless we show the world what we have worked for in the last couple of months, we cannot breathe light! The launch party of (product name) will be one of its kind and you are invited to the grand party. 

-We are known as a brand that is a reflection of what people love, our launch party is hence what you will love and not to mention the great idea we are coming up with. Come and live the joy. 

-Boring launch parties? Same corporate wear to the parties? Well, (company name) changes their way of presenting a new product and makes it a fun event for all to attend! Live the true party and witness the product launch on (date) at (venue)

-There is one life but innovations are plenty and so are the possibilities that come with it! Be there at the launch party of our new brand that aims to be the one perfect choice of every homemaker in the country

-How about a launch party on the much-hyped cruise? (Organisation) makes it come true and invites you all to attend the launch party amidst the splashes of the cruise on (date)

-Just like every idea that (company name) comes up with, their idea for the new brand launch party is unique too! Be dressed in your beachwear and come to the most fun-filled launch party ever!

-You are cordially invited to attend the preview party (organization) to explore their new offerings and how well has it been able to match the needs of the customers! 

-We feel proud to invite you to the launch party of our new line of services in the country. To attend the event at (venue) on (date) to see for yourself what we have got for the world! 

-Innovation is something that bends the future. How do we do it? Come and check out the new product launch at (venue) on (date) to know the future we have brought to life for people.

-Free cocktails, great music, and amazing people, we have it all for our launch party and hence you now have no reason to give it a skip! We await your presence at the event and further motivate us to keep working hard and deliver better.

-Let us all come together and make the most of every new launch that we have on offer for the world out there. Your privileged self is invited to witness the idea that the world will know later. 

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-This invitation is from (company name) and goes out to all the stakeholders of the business to come and make the launch party of (product name) more happening with their presence. We are delighted to host you for the evening.

-Please join (company name) on (date) at (venue) as they unveil their new product for the world. Your visit and presence are motivating for the entire team that works hard 24/7.

-(Name of business owner) cordially puts forward you the invitation to witness the launch of their upcoming product. Please come and share your thoughts on the launch event and the product.

-Unless we know about the word that is doing the rounds for our new product launch, we can never be sure of our success. You are invited to come and check the new launch with your own hands and offer us a detailed review of the product!  We await your tech-coming! 

-The next big thing is here and we want you to witness the moment of launch with us! (Company name) brings to people a world-class amalgamation of technology and brains, come and live the hour to see the glory unfold!   

-We are glad to invite you to the launch party of our new venture that is about to change the world we live in. Curios? Come and see for yourself what we are up to! Venue details are attached below. 

-Save the date and come to the launch party of (company name) as they spread their wings into a new domain and bring in hopes of prosperity to every stakeholder of the company! 

-We love to host people who are late but not later than the launch time of our genius new brand (brand name). The party beings at (time and date) and the launch start at (time). Be there before the launch!  

-Does it get any better than being able to show the world what we worked on during the last year of our silence?? The answer is NO! We thrive to host you on our launch party. 

-You have been the motivation behind each of our brand designs and launches and this is the reason we put forward a personal invitation seeking your presence. Embrace our launch party with grace by being there on the (date) at (venue)

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-Our launch party is ore an appreciation ceremony for all the brains that have worked hard to make the organization product with the new offering. Come and be a part of the day! 

-Words are not enough to tell you how bad we want to present our new launch in front of you all tomorrow. We are impatient and want you at (venue) tomorrow without any delay!    

-We are on cloud 9 while putting forward this invitation for our launch party! Double up the fun with your esteemed presence! We are waiting for you like we never did. 

What to write in a product launch party invitation?

  • Write a description of your product
  • Mention how important the date is for you
  • Make your guests feel special 
  • Tell them you want to celebrate the day together

How to respond to a product launch party invitation?

  • Congratulate the person on the launch of their product
  • Let them know if you will attend the party 
  • Thank them for their gesture 
  • Mention how excited you are for the party

For the same reason, it is essential that the invites that go out to the media and others is worth the hype that is created for the product.

If you are planning for such a launch party, here are some of the invitation wording ideas that can do wonders for your launch- 

product launch party invitation wording ideas

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