A Speech on “Will Punishing Bullies Help?”

Good morning everyone, and a very warm welcome to today’s event. Today all of us have gathered here to discuss the changes that have to be brought into the country’s education to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the children to grow up and learn.

A school is a place where a very diverse group of young people come together to mingle and exchange ideas, and bullying is a problem so prevalent in schools that children tend to pick up the wrong things or sometimes the students are on the receiving end which will put a very curbing effect on their overall development and can prove to be harmful to their future ventures as well.

It is important to put an end to the heinous act of bullying in schools. The act of bullying is something that grows and feeds off the insecurities of the children, and it works both ways. When a child becomes a bully, it affects not only the life of the children around them but also their own personal growth. A bully always looks for validation and praise in the things that they are doing, and when people fail to do this, they have their outbursts; if this behavioral pattern is not handled at the right age, it becomes difficult for these children to function properly as adults.

On the other hand, victims of bullying can have lifelong problems that take birth from the abuse they were put through, and some of them end up having high-end mental problems, which most of the time lead to suicides. The problem of bullying should be addressed on major public platforms to draw attention to the need to eradicate bullying.

To stop bullying, it is important to understand the root of the problem. The problem is created when a sense of difference is being indoctrinated into the children from a very young age. Punishment for bullying will help, but it won’t stop bullying. To make sure acts like these are not repeated, it is important for the children to be taught the meaning of respect, kindness, and empathy right at home.

Children take a lot in from their parents or guardians, and it is important for the adults at home to display these qualities to make sure that their children will take it over and behave accordingly in their peer groups. Also, it is important to hold the children accountable for their wrongdoings and to make them realize the importance of apologizing and considering the emotions of feelings of the other person as well. In conclusion, I would like to say that when punishment can help in controlling bullying, it won’t ensure its eradication.

Issues like bullying should be addressed at their root to stop it from growing further. Bullies deserve to be punished, but they should also be told what a better way of approaching the situation than resorting to bullying was. In some cases, it is important for the child to get another chance.

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