111+ Best Quotes by World Famous Actresses

We all know about Hollywood which can boast of a lot of females that have exploded onto the silver screen. They have been known for their attractiveness and also because of their style, confidence, and verve. These women had been pioneers, dreamers, and also feminists who were able to steal the limelight anywhere they went.

In this article, we have mentioned the top 80 most intriguing sayings by actresses that will definitely capture your heart.

Quotes by World Famous Actresses

  • You cannot consider an actress to be a machine; however, they are being treated just like a machine. – Marilyn Monroe
  • It is a fact that being an actress is more exciting than dreaming to be one. – Marilyn Monroe
  • First, I want to prove to myself that I am an individual. Then only are be able to convince myself that I am really an actress. – Marilyn Monroe
  • I wanted to become an actress when I was only five years old. – Marilyn Monroe
  • I have a desire of becoming an artist and an actress with some integrity. – Marilyn Monroe
  • I want to become a marvelous character actress just like Will Rogers. – Marilyn Monroe

_I had the desire to prove myself by becoming a fantastic actress. – Marilyn Monroe

_I think I wanted to become an actress at the age of five years. I did not love the world surrounding me since it was sort of gloomy, but I love to start my acting career as soon as possible. – Marilyn Monroe

_I happen to be a writer, a singer, and an actress. – Dolly Parton

_Although my sister had the desire of becoming an actress, she could never achieve her target. She only got halfway. – Mitch Hedberg

_Personality happens to be the most significant thing when it comes to the success of an actress. – Mae West

_Any notable actor is going to be a hopeless husband. Any great actress is going to be a lousy wife. – W. C. Fields

_I have got many buddies who perform the same thing as me. They are either actresses or singers or anything similar to that. – Taylor Swift

_I never believed that I would become an actress. Though I wanted to move into politics, I never succeeded in the long run. – Meghan Markle

_Whenever I watch girls of approximately 20 years of age, it makes me feel rather old. – Jennifer Aniston

_Being an actress, I think that making pictures is just like gambling. – Hedy Lamarr

_In case you make use of your imagination you can visualize other actresses in the nude. – Hedy Lamarr

_The sport is known as artistic gymnastics. Therefore, you need to be some sort of actress. – Simone Biles

_Honestly speaking, I never consider myself to be an actress. Therefore, whenever I get the opportunity of doing music, I am always in it. – Ariana Grande

_My profession happens to be as an actress. I happen to be an actress who is playing a comedienne. – Joan Rivers

_Provide me with several years, and I will help that actress to succeed within a short span of time. – Samuel Goldwyn

_I believe that Katharine and Meryl Hepburn happen to be the two most significant actresses of the present era. – Denzel Washington

_I do not like to consider myself to be a brand. I happen to be a singer, a musician, a songwriter, and a performer. – Beyonce Knowles

_Do not become an actress in case you want to assist the American theater. Instead, try to be an audience. – Tallulah Bankhead

_While I first started, I did not want to become an actress after all. I simply wanted to become renowned. – Katharine Hepburn

_It is important for any actress not to lose heart ego without which she will not have any talent. – Tom Lehrer

_I have always admired actresses such as Barbara Harris as well as Greta Garbo. – Robert De Niro

_I am of the notion that in case you happen to be the daughter or son of any successful actor or actress, you are under a lot of pressure. – Liam Neeson

_For a lot of successful actresses out there, you will come across many more who do not make it at all. You can easily get rejected for one reason or the other. – Liam Neeson

_I do not think me to be a character actress after all. – Bette Davis

_I never made friends with any actress since I usually become bored while conversing with them. – Bette Davis

_Individuals sometimes become an actress because they do not like something about themselves and they want to be someone else. – Bette Davis

_I always had the intention of becoming an actress. Becoming a great movie star was my biggest desire. – Reba McEntire

_I did not want to become a superstar in the long run. In fact, I never wanted to become an actress. – Diane Lane

_I started my profession as an actress since my mother wanted me to be so. Initially, I had the desire to become involved in political matters as well as humanitarian issues. – Angelina Jolie

_My mom happens to be an actress, and I was dragged by her from one theater to another. – Alice Keys

_My mother happens to be an actress, and I had grown up around the theater. The theater is in my blood. – Alicia Keys

_I happen to be an actress which is actually my passion. – Sophia Loren

_In case you become an actress you are helping to satisfy the fantasies of any man. – Jeanne Moreau

_I was sure that I wanted to become involved with film or theater in some way or the other. – Greta Gerwig

_It is not possible for me to think of living in a world where I have been awarded an Oscar which has not been received by Denzel for being the best actor. – Julia Roberts

_In order to be successful, it is important for any actress to possess the elegance of Terpsichore and the brains of Minerva. – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

_I do not actually belong to the category of actresses. – Khloe Kardashian

_It is possible to make a horse drink water, but it will be impossible to make an actress put on what they would not like to wear. – Edith Head

_Even though I have got the opportunity of dressing numerous actors and actresses, I will definitely assert that Grace Kelly happens to be my favorite actress in all respects. – Edith Head

_In case you appear similar to crap on film, everybody will think that you are a great actress. – Helen Mirren

_I have always discovered that in order to do your best in a particular film or theater, you need to get lost in it. – Helen Mirren

_I did not want to become an actress and to play the role of someone else at all times. It was a big botheration for me. – Marlene Dietrich

_An American soldier has got something that you simply cannot explain. They are even grateful for a film actress who comes to see them. – Marlene Dietrich

_It seems to the individuals that public speaking comes easily to the actresses; however, it is not that easy after all. – Jane Fonda

_My mother had been an actress performing experimental plays in the local Seattle Theater. – Rainn Wilson

_I always had a desire to become an actress in spite of being a dancer and singer. – Jennifer Lopez

_I feel that I wish to become better as an actress. I have a desire to progress as a songwriter and a singer and also producing movies. – Jennifer Lopez

_I do not like the idea of dressing up at all times. Although some individuals are of the notion that actresses are in the habit of dressing up wherever they go, I am not like that. – Selena Gomez

_I do not belong to the category of an actress. I believe that I have created a business and a brand. – Pamela Anderson

_Some of the actresses are actually crazy. I never got the chance to work with any filthy actress and they are all delightful. – Daniel Radcliffe

_I am of the notion that it will be very difficult to venture out with any actress since they happen to be crazy. – Daniel Radcliffe

_Even though I was in the habit of writing stories when I was a small girl, I had no intention of becoming a writer. Instead, I had the desire of becoming an actress. – Joan Didion

_These actresses happen to be extremely talented out there. It is actually an extremely rich field. – Meryl Streep

_While I was young, I did not have any confidence in my attractiveness. I actually felt just like a character actress and I nevertheless do it still now. – Meryl Streep

_One thing I like being an actress is that I am able to look into myself and also comprehend other human beings. – Phylicia Rashad

_An actress has the ability to play the role of only a woman; however, being an actor, I am able to play anything. – Whoopi Goldberg

_Kajol, as well as Madhuri Dixit, happen to be my role models. Both of them have performed many types of roles. – Tena Desae

_I was amongst those girls who did not want to become an actress. I did my normal schooling and the film auditioners came into the scene when I was only 9. – Emma Watson

_I find myself to be people-watching being an actress and I am also a shy person. – Emma Watson

Being an actress I accept roles that I find to be interesting. – Emma Watson

_I am of the notion that successful actresses are those who are comfy in their skins while appearing human as well. – Emma Watson

_Valentino has been my favorite since they never make use of any actresses while campaigning. – Emma Watson

_An actress will be taking a couple of years on stage for learning how to speak in the correct way and also how to manage her voice properly. – D. W. Griffith

top quotes by world famous actresses

_I adore the fact that I have got plenty of opportunities at present although I know that this position will not last for long. However, that will not prevent me from working. – Annette Bening

_I never thought of being a movie actress. However, I thought about it somewhat when I was in college. It all came as a surprise. – Annette Bening

_I do not visualize myself as competing with younger actresses. – Annette Bening

_I never thought of being an actress initially. I was rather scared of it after all. – Gisele Bundchen

_You know that I do not happen to be an actress. I hardly have knowledge about anything going on. And I meant to play the role of a villain. – Gisele Bundchen

_Although I will never consider myself to be an actress, in case there is an opportunity I can take chances and live my life. – Gisele Bundchen

_Honestly speaking, I believe that Felicity Jones and Lily Collins are very elegant and classy British actresses, and I get really get inspired by them. 

_In animated films I believe that puppets get better roles, unlike the normal actresses. – Helena Bonham Carter

_I began my career as a hopeless actress and I am still one like that. – Brigitte Bardot

_I cannot call me to be an actress. I am only able to play me both on as well as off the screen. – Brigitte Bardot

_Everybody thinks you to be hot in case you happen to be a musician or an actress. – Natalie Portman

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