140+ Famous Sociologist Quotes

Sociology plays a crucial role in solving social issues. Today’s world has a lot of problems that are highly in need of scientific study of the society.

The overall task of sociology is to research social problems with scientific research tools and find the best possible solution. It assesses human behaviors and their connections to society as a whole.

Famous Sociologists Quotes

-Sociology and tolerance are not part of Black literature, not a serious, rigorous art form. –Toni Morrison

-Human well-being depends upon many factors like genetics, neurobiology, sociology, and economics. There is scientific truth behind how we actually flourish in the World. If we have a chance to make an impact on the well-being of others, the question of morality arises. –Sam Harris

-Rich people do not take part in the war. I believe war is a stupid thing. If you ask a college guy to go to war, He will surely make an excuse like he has a sociology class or something else, and my half-Afghani roommate will definitely cause some static. –Bill Blurr

-Sociology reveals hidden things. –Pierre Bourdieu

If some academics teach you the importance of diversity, ask about the number of Republicans in their sociology department. –Thomas Sowell

-Before entering a major film field, I was great at sociology and anthropology. I also played in social psychology, which is an offshoot of anthropology/sociology that reveals the culture in the form of a living organism. What is the reason behind it, and what is the cause? -George Lucas

-I was into sociology and worked as a sociology major. My profession had nothing to do with law. Although I went to law school, I chose something that It was really passionate about. -Michelle Obama

Sociologist Quotes

-Liberals are the inventors of college majors, including psychology, sociology, and women’s studies. They prove that people are not responsible for their faults. -P.J. O’Rourke

-History strongly tells us that the research related to questions and answers all depends upon anthropology and sociology. -W.H. Audience

-I believe that hip-hop has been much closer to the streets than any other music for a long time. We can say it sociology and music also stimulate the culture of black music in America. -Quincy Jones

-Since the 17th century, people have been estimating the death of philosophy. When I was a learner, I heard people saying, ‘These are the end days of philosophy’. But in the 60s, Sociology replaced it and, after that, literary criticism. -Bernard Williams

-I’ve done a double major in social studies and have expertise in sociology, anthropology, economics, philosophy, and African-American studies. -Yara Shahidi

-People are curious to know the difference between anthropology and sociology. Everybody feels nervous about it. -Clifford Geertz

-During my first semester of college, I went to sociology, English, and psychology. My whole attention was going home and preparing for the audition I had. -Dylan O’Brien

-Many people, like policy-makers, believe that they are already aware of all the psychology and sociology which is really required for their decisions. If you ask me, I don’t think they are on the right path, but that’s the ultimate way for it. -Daniel Kahneman

-Sociology should be used to analyze ‘the world’ of our times to be more judicious. If you really need to resist the dangers in the world, first recognize the world’s deformation and seductions. –Os Guinness

-The responsibility of sociology is to protect and help individuals. We must serve freedom. It is something that I’ve seen. –Zygmunt Bauman

-Although I majored in sociology, but didn’t take a music-related course. Neither did I participate in public speaking nor had confidence in it, but I still had a desire burning inside me. –Regis Philbin

-I belong to a sociology background with my graphic approach. I believe I would make a fabulous documentary if someone assigned me a film project. Many people don’t believe in it. I’m great at dialogues. –David Carson

-To create a worthy life for yourself and your children, I present the challenge to utilize the enormous resources to all those who have studied history, economics, sociology, literature, and language. –Polykarp Kusch

-The new electronic independence brings a revolution in the World and helps to turn the image of the global village. -Marshall McLuhan

Sociologist Quotes

-It’s sad to know that artificial intelligence lacks artifice and, consequently, intelligence. –Jean Baudrillard

-A person’s life is a series of conversations. –Deborah Tannen

-Virtual relationships are not like real relationships. They are not easy to enter and exit. As compared to hefty,

Slow-moving and filthy stuff, they are clean and easy to use. -Zygmunt Bauman

-Cities are mainly handling the highest economic division of labor. -Georg Simmel

-The road of progress never goes straight but consist of many up and downs, conflicting forces of right and wrong, fair and unfair, heartlessness and kindness. -Kelly Miller.

-Many of us, especially young men, did in the season summers in Northern Arizona. I put myself through college in the same way. I battled with fires and went back. When I went to graduate school, I repeated the same. -Matthew Desmond

-People who have a lot of advantages are reluctant to trust the fact that they are people with advantages. -C. Weight

-During the learning phase, The child is more attracted to the features of his classmates than the teacher. -James S. Coleman

-When it comes to action, people mostly disobey others’ character. -Daniel Bell

-Public School is now considered an established church of secular society. -Ivan Illich

-Family demolition, sin, well-being, and low rank of social organization come when work collapse. -William Julius Wilson

-The perception of sensibility and language is a gloss. -Talcott Parsons

-Most of my students often ask me about the concept of sociology, and I tell them sociology is all about researching the things that shaped humans, but they cannot see that. -Sam Richards

-On the eve of Christmas, you may see some people who want to hug you or stifle you. –Robert Staughton Lynd

-Families are all about the paganism of duty. -Ann Oakley

-In the context of democracies, America is considered an outlier in the World at the time of structure and custom of elections. -Thomas E. Mann

-In the old times, Education had very less information but inspired a lot. -E. Franklin Frazier

–A person does not know the very first thing it tries to make differentiate education and entertainment. –Marshall McLuhan differentiate

-Leaving home is painful for both parents and children, but the prospect of the child never leaving home is the most dreadful. –Robert Neelly Bellah

-Maybe, boredom is the world’s second worst crime, whereas being a bore is the first. –Jean Baudrillard 

-The theoretic, theological, and metaphysical or abstract stages are the three stages from which every department of knowledge passes. – Auguste Comte

-The language of conversation is being called a language for most women to establish connections and negotiate relationships. -Deborah Tannen

-There is a logic behind the practice that is different from logician. -Pierre Bourdieu

-The main reason for war is war. –C. Wright Mills

-I’m committed to taking ahead a better world. I’m fully satisfied with it. –Faye Wattleton

-Design is all about people. – Jane Jacobs

-It’s not logical in any case that religion is love. -Beatrice Webb

-Advertisements can be appraised scientifically, but their scientific creation is not possible. –Leo Bogart

Sociologist Quotes

-America faces a new awakened race. -E. Franklin Frazier

-If I do write books, If I think about it, If I am passionate about it, then it’s because things could be better in a different way. -Zygmunt Bauman

-Fire is a beautiful thing. Firefighters have an attachment to it. -Matthew Desmond

-I’m too upset to listen and angry to hear. –Daniel Bell

-With terrorists, you can’t create a peaceful environment. War and peace can’t go together. –Ulrich Beck

-Many countries, mainly oil-producing, are not democratic but still have support from the United States. -Sam Richards

-You may find a lot of women who want to take men on their own terms, but in my case, I would not choose to make changes in myself. –Ann Oakley

-I believe that fun makes advertising successful. -Leo Bogart

-If you want to improve yourself, you need to know yourself first. -Auguste Comte

-Everyone does not believe in their own power but overestimates the other’s power. –Deborah Tannen

-New York, we can say, it’s the perfect model, not the model of a perfect city. -Lewis Mumford

-The relationship between two people and groups will be judged by the amount of secrecy involved in it. -Georg Simmel

-People can handle their own lives. It’s just an old anarchist dream. -Todd Gitlin

-Many people in the country who grew up hunting and fishing are aware of the woods and dirt roads, carrying the fight fire skills. – Matthew Desmond

-Impossible? I never believed in this word. –Faye Wattleton

-Failure plays a big role in enlarging your spirit. In this situation, you need to trust in God and humanity. – Charles Horton Cooley

-I teach my students a very interesting thing. I tell them to get out of their little world, step into someone’s other little world, and repeat it many times. And while doing this, they will notice all these little worlds come together in a complex web and make it big. –Sam Richards

Sociologist Quotes

-Demography or another world of destiny? – Auguste Comte

-We all are unique from each other. And we still wish to look at each one of us as representatives of groups. -Deborah Tannen

-Instead of the damned motor car, try to build a city which is quite good for lovers and friends. –Lewis Mumford

-To average mankind, superior personality and superior performance are both mysterious. -Georg Simmel

-In my case, I understand the problem from the ground level. -Matthew Desmond

-Relationships are the consequences of talk, and talk is girls’ and women’s part. –Deborah Tannen

-The major goal of my work is to tell people that culture and educations are not merely hobbies. -Pierre Bourdieu

-I belonged to a small town and wanted to be a lawyer. -Matthew Desmond

-Leadership is not about being right every time. -Ivan Illich

-When you are not at continuous work, you develop negative traits like attitude, orientations and your behavior is more likely to be casual and infrequent work. And when opening opportunities to people, your attitudes, orientations, habits, and styles also change. -William Julius Wilson

-Parent’s influence of one’s strong and permanent. -Faye Wattleton

-In this world, things are uncontrollable. -Ulrich Beck

-An actor performs the play, which is once written on a roll of paper. -Talcott Parsons

-The language which is practiced to make conversation for many women is considered a language to connect relationships. -Deborah Tannen

-Our duty in life is not to be who we want to be but find out our true value and build ourselves into it. – Steven Pressfield

-Although It’s automatic, one needs to push the button to switch it on. -John Brunner

-To get the financial reward, there is no issue of dedicating all your principles. It’s the foundation of our society. –Manny Rayner

-People can love each other, but not humanity. -Graham Greene

-No one is pleased to see a foolish guy becoming wise. – Stephen King

-It’s dangerous to infer that there are no sick people but a sick society. – Fulton J. Sheen

-There are many criminals in society which they really deserve. – Havelock Ellis

-If someone says the circumstances are true, they are true, but in their outcomes -W. I. Thomas

-We are more mindful of what is happening in the celebrity’s life, but the truth lies in our wars. -Efrat Cybulkiewicz

-I look at a person’s handwriting when his character is not comprehensive. -Efrat Cybulkiewicz

Sociologist Quotes

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