125+ Top Quotes From Influential Strong Women

The first image that pops up in our heads when someone talks about strong women or feminism is that a particular woman is absolute ‘anti-men.’ But not necessarily that has to be true.

A strong woman is a person who is capable of handling her own life and her surroundings all by herself, a woman who is successful in her own field, who inspires other people, and who is independent. She might not be ‘anti-men,’ but she might be a feminist.

Many images and quotes come into our heads when we talk about independent and successful women. Let’s revisit them one more time. 

Quotes From Strong Women

-You can’t tell how strong a woman is until you put her through some hard situations. Women are like tea bags; you put them into hot water, and then you know how strong she is. –Eleanor Roosevelt 

-The real architect of this society is women. They made this society how it is today. –Cher 

-Women should try to attempt the impossible as well, and if they fail, then their failure should be a challenge to somebody else. –Amelia Earhart 

-Women are capable of anything and everything. They can work as railroad workers, or they can fly in space. –Valentina Tereshkova 

-Be like a queen and think like a queen, as a queen is never afraid of her failures. –Oprah Winfrey 

-Be optimistic because that will lead you to anything you want to achieve. –Helen Keller 

-I went through an open door and was smart enough to do so. –Joan Rivers 

-The people who are always careful and cautious about holding their reputation up can never stand a reform. –Susan B. Anthony 

Strong Women Quotes

-Be the one voice that becomes powerful when the world is silent. –Malala Yusufzahi

-Successful people don’t ram around feeling sorry for themselves. –Barbara Corcoran 

-Either you spend your life drawing lines or cross them one by one. –Shonda Rhimes

-It’s better to regret the things you’ve done than regret things you haven’t done. –Lucille Ball

-When you look at your little girl, tell her, “Yes! Women can.” –Dilma Rousseff 

-Your footprints will never last if you are walking on your tiptoe. –Leymah Gbowee 

-Truth can often be painful and difficult, but nothing would soothe your soul like that. –Martha Beck 

-If you are not taking care of yourself, then you are just ducking your major responsibilities. –Ann Richards 

-Build your voice, and once you’ve done it, don’t ever be silent again. –Madeleine Albright 

-Never take too much blame or credit for your children. –Debora Spar 

Have-Ever tried being first and being lonely together? –Ginni Rometty

-You can never imprison an idea, you can never exile an idea, and you can never kill an idea. –Benazir Bhutto 

-I am wearing makeup, but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw a fastball at you. –Jennie Finch 

 -Make everyone happy who comes to you. Spreading love is inner joy. –Mother Teresa 

-Sometimes, when we speak, we are afraid that our words will not be accepted. But it is still better than being silent because we are afraid when we are silent too. –Audre Lorde

-Look your best because love isn’t blind. –Mae West 

-You are the heroin of your life; you are not the victim, so stop treating yourself that way. –Nora Ephron 

-Hold onto each other as that is the best thing in life to hold onto. –Audrey Hepburn 

” Everyone would not like you; you can’t please everyone. It’s best for you to accept the fact and live life your way. –Katie Couric 

Strong Women Quotes

-Get away from normal. Normal is never something to aspire for. Think it yourself. –Jodie Foster 

-When I feel like saying something, I say it out loud, and I believe everyone should take so it. What’s the point of keeping silent? –Madonna 

-Own your story because spending a whole lifespan running from it is quite difficult. –Brene Brown 

-I don’t compete with anyone else; I compete with myself. –Arianna Huffington 

-You have to get out of the box where you’ve been raised to understand how big the real world is. –Angelina Jolie 

-If people count on you in difficult moments, you are certainly living honorably. –Rachel Maddow

-Go down the chute. Don’t be the kid who stands on a riverside bank and overthinks it. –Tina Fey 

-You don’t have to be perfect, but you should be whole. –Jane Fonda 

-The journey is all about reaching the other side of yourself and your dreams, no matter what it is or how hard it is. –Diana Nyad

-You have to keep faith in your beliefs. If you doubt yourself and try to please others simultaneously, you will never be able to do it. –Annie Leibovitz 

-You are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance that this world has to offer to you. Don’t ever hesitate to pursue your dreams and achieve them. –Hillary Clinton 

-The biggest danger for women is colleagues who are not as good as you. –Christiane Nusslein Volhard

-Courage is being afraid and doing it anyways. –Gina Bianchini

-You will always find three men in the way of a successful woman who is trying to block her way. That’s how it works. –Yulia Tymoshenko

-I didn’t dream of success; I worked really hard for it. –Estace Lauder   

-If you ever find someone or something in your life that you really love, then hang on to that. –Princess Diana

-We have the power to change the world and imagine better within ourselves. We don’t need magic. –J K Rowling 

-We should get the idea in our head of learning every day. I am still learning more and more, even from my position. –Chanda Kocchar 

-Find out what makes you special and cherish that forever. –Bette Midler 

-Your style speaks of who you are without you having to say a single word. –Rachel Zoe 

-Women who are asking for raises should so it with all their confidence as they are helping the company to grow. –Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

-If you care about other people, then it will help you to get out of the loneliness you are feeling for messing up something all by yourself. –Diane Sawyer 

Strong Women Quotes

-I try to live in my little joy, and I don’t let other people steal it. –Hoda Kotb

-There will be days when the fear of staying in a bud will be much more than the fear of blossoming. –Anais Nin 

-Every bad thing that happened to me taught me compassion, and it taught me to be patient. I have a different approach and point of view because of all the bad things that happened to me, and I am thankful to them for teaching me so many things. –Ellen DeGeneres 

-You should learn from the mistakes of other people as well. You will not live so long that you can make them on your own. –Eleanor Roosevelt 

-Change your life today, don’t wait for tomorrow, and don’t gamble on the future. If you made up your mind to do it, then do it today. –Simone de Beauvoir 

-Your deficit of confidence can be overcome by a surplus of effort. –Sonia Sotomayor 

-People can go only to those places where you have been. They have no idea what you are going to do next. Remember that always. –Liz Lange 

-People and circumstances would try to pull you down. It’s their nature. Always put yourself and your standards high no matter your situation. –Tory Johnson 

-Finishing your work is important, getting done with something is important, and being perfect isn’t important. –Sheryl Sandberg 

-You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make because if you do something, that always creates a difference. So think carefully and make wise choices. –Jane Goodall 

-You should never waste your time being former of anything. –Condoleezza Rice 

-If everyone makes a good contribution, then that might be called a good compromise. –Angela Markel 

Strong Women Quotes

-All women owe a lot to the person who invented high heels. –Marilyn Monroe 

-A girl should be classy and fabulous. –Coco Chanel 

-You have to understand the relationship between man and woman to understand how society works in real. –Angela Davis

-Be a lady and be independent. That’s what my mother always told me, and I understood the value of her words later in my life. –Ruth Bader Ginsburg

-A very strong argument in favor of matrimony is that single women have a very dreadful propensity for being poor. –Jane Austen 

-Always work hard, aim high, care deeply about everything you want to do in your life, and keep faith in yourself when you are knocked down. –Hillary Clinton 

-No matter in what position you are in the company, you can be the senior person there, but your job is still not done. –Abigail Johnson 

-If you can call your job your passion then that would be the ultimate success for you. –Alicia Vikander

-People who are first to do something set out to do something they really love and happens to be the first one to do it. –Condoleezza Rice 

-If you have an idea then you must believe in it. –Sarah Michelle Gellar 

-The way you tell your story really matters a lot. –Amy Cuddy 

-I always taught my daughters to raise their voices and I became a role model for them. –Melinda Gates 

-Everything I do, I do out of my passion. I Don’t Follow the trend; I just follow my brain and do things I really love doing. –Guo Pei 

-Even if I weren’t getting paid, I would have done the same thing as I am doing now. –Gretchen Rubin 

-I never had the most experience or money in the industry, but I always cared the most here. –Sara Blakely 

-There will be people who will try to undercut your success. Never focus on them and focus on your work instead. The people who love you will always be there for you. –Taylor Swift 

-I am not an option. Women are way stronger than they know or believe, I believed it, and every other woman should. –Diane Von Furstenberg 

-I am proud of my position and my powers. I am a successful entrepreneur, and I don’t shy away from it. I like it like this. –Katy Perry 

-I define myself. Nobody or nothing else does, and that’s why getting past those levels were pretty much easy for me. –Serena Williams 

Strong Women Quotes

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