95+ Best Stay Strong Quotes and Sayings

Sometimes, you stuck into the crises or feel like there is no other way to achieve your dream. In this situation, you just want to surrender yourself in the hands of the universe and ready to give up on your dreams. That’s a phase where you need to stay calm and strong.

Here are some sayings which are provoking, motivating, and help you reclaim your strength during your rough phase of life.

Stay Strong Quotes and Sayings

  • Your hidden strength come out when you don’t have any choice except being strong.
  • Being flexible is the strongest power. It brings miraculous changes to our soul.
  • To develop your character, first you need to leave your comfort zone. Without doing hard work, nothing can be accomplished.
  • Challenges are a powerful tool to make you a strong.
  • Remember, many people will try to bring you down, only a few of them will encourage you.

_If you ask help from others that doesn’t mean you’re weak.

Sometimes, Help is necessary.

_We often get confused about our plans. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose the right path. If you’re too confused? Feeling sad or disappointed? That’s completely fine. The thing which is not fine is giving up on your dreams.

_Be strong in everything you do, be honest with everyone, love each other and in the end, you won’t have much to lose.

_ Wise men are those who stand firm, even in these difficult circumstances.

_You may fail today, but remember, tomorrow brings a new hope.

_If you start being criticized, then understand, you’re climbing the ladder of success.

_A man who makes mistakes is better than a man who does nothing and just prays for success.

_You are a master of great courage when you fail but still do not give up hope.

_ Where there is unity, there is strength.

_If you don’t waver from your plans, then it means that you’re strong.

_Life is weird. Sometimes our greatest pain gives us the greatest courage.

_ Faith is incomplete without hard work. A dream remains only a dream for thousands of years if you do not work hard for it.

_Failure gives us the message to start, but this time with more intelligence.

_You should take your problems as guidelines to achieve your dreams.

_Never ever give up on your dreams. Sometimes, trying one more time may declare you a winner.

_No one can compete with those who never want to give up on their dreams.

_Winners are those who never quit, quitters are those who never want to win.

_Sometimes, you might need an adverse situation to become successful.

_Hard things need a little time. Impossible things need a longer time.

_A common man makes excuses while a strong man is constantly trying to make his dreams come true.

_Hope is greater than any fear.

_Discover affliction in strength.

_If your life is full of difficulties, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good, but you are strong enough to face it.

_The thoughts of our mind make us. What we are depends on what we think all day.

_Forget everything about the past, forgive your enemies, start afresh.

_If someone loves you deeply, It will help to make you stronger. If you love someone deeply, It will help you to be courageous.

_If you want to attract great things in life, then be great.

_My weakness makes me stronger, My fears make me fearless, My foolishness makes me wise.

_Let’s break up with stress.

_Wake up and smile so that people will know you’re stronger than yesterday.

_Whatever you are struggling with today actually preparing you for better tomorrow.

_Put all your burdens and weaknesses before God, he will surely give you a rest and strength.

_You’re your own healer. Don’t bother about other’s opinions.

_If someone really wants to be yours, he/she will take every little effort to make time for you.

_Only few people have an ability to be soft and strong at the same time.

_A person who doesn’t reveal his problems and pain in front of others, even in the days of hardships, really dares to win every battle of life.

_I go to the bathroom in moments of my grief, cry a lot and then come out with a new hope and a desire to win.

_Be strong enough so that no one can disturb you.

_A path with no hardships or obstacles will lead you no where.

_ Hardship makes an average man to an extraordinary man.

_Create a fairy tale and build a house on it.

_If you can do something that means you’ll surely do something.

_Burn yourself in the flames of hardships and then enjoy the coolness of success in the future.

_Beauty lies in your strength.

_A woman who takes a stand for herself, is strong. A woman who takes a stand for everyone is stronger.

_Wake up and work upon the things which never let you sleep.

_Feeling scary symbolize you’re going to do something very, very great.

_A kind-hearted person is better than a one who has a great power and strength.

_Don’t reveal your plans or goals to anyone, But, show them.

_When we forgive, we feel much better than those who hold grudges in their heart. Strong person believes to forgive others.

_I’m grateful for those who didn’t help at my dark phase of life. Because of them, I have learned to do things on my own.

_Smile, not because you’re happy, but because you’re strong.

_Parents guides us. Parents support us. But, our life is in our hands. We are the creator of our destiny.

_Worry doesn’t make you free from all your troubles; But, It will make you empty from all strengths you’ve.

_You become extremely powerful when you overcome your difficulties on your own.

__Things are difficult until it’s done.

_It’s the strength of the spirit, that actually matters.

_One thing is required for your dream to come true and that is ‘YOU’.

_ Being alone does not mean that you are alone, but it means that you are giving time to yourself, which is more important than others.

_You may feel lonely and bad in life, but remember that God is with you and they have a better plan for you.

_Yesterday has gone, but, tomorrow, is in our hands to win or lose. The choice is yours.

_Winners has a wonderful habit. They create their imaginary positive expectations before the event.

_If you need to take a positive action, first develop positive vision.

_A positive mind and positive heart multiply everything.

_Sometimes we become so strong to achieve our dreams that we forget ourselves. If you are strong, it does not mean that you are nothing before your dreams. Remember, you are very valuable. If you love yourself, the world will love you, if you will understand the importance of yourself then the world will understand yourself.

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