A Speech on How to Respond to or Take a Compliment

In many occasions responding to the compliments can be very tough and difficult, mainly if someone feel like taking them will make you seem at a loss. In many times, modestly accepting a compliment from others will make your appearance more modest than not accepting or rejecting a compliment. It is also a fact of importance to know the art to respond to praise or a backhanded compliment as well. Therefore here are some steps to learn how to accurately respond to the compliments of others.

Try to keep it simple as simple as possible. Someone can feel compelled to say various sorts of things when a person compliments them, but in some cases the best way to take or acknowledge a compliment is to simply conveying your feelings by saying thank you to the person who is complimenting you at that time.

Always try to resist the urge or desire to deflect or reject a compliment in many cases. Sometimes people feel the urge to reject a compliment by ignoring or downplaying their efforts to give compliment. In those special cases, one might feel compelled to reply with, “Thanks, but it was not a big thing.” While at first it may feel like you are acting as a modest person when you reject a compliment, it can make you appear some sort of an insecure person or like you are looking for some additional good remarks.

Instead of rejecting those compliments, you can try to allow yourself to feel proud or happy of what you have attained or given and simply answer with “Thank you.”

Give the other person the acknowledgement that also deserves to share the credit with you. If you are being complimented on something or some work which may involved the contributions of other persons as well as you, then try to make sure that you appreciate those people as well. Don’t try to take all of the credit for the good work or success.

Try your best to return the compliments sincerely, but not act like a competitor. You can sometimes feel the desire to redirecting a compliment which you received to the person who just paid it to you, but you should resist this urge of redirecting.

For example, you can reply like, “Thanks! I really appreciate that. I feel that you gave a really good presentation today as well!”

Be prepared to accept and answer to the compliments the first time that you hear them. Don’t ask for a repetition of the compliment given to you. By asking the speaker to explain or repeat about why are they complimenting you or to clarify the compliment in more detail, you will risk your acceptability. Accept the compliment for what it is with a grateful heart.

Make yourself remember that backhanded or insulting compliments are not about you. A backhanded compliment is can be seen as an insincere compliment that is delivered to be hurt or insult others. If anyone gives you a backhanded compliment, it is mostly due to their own insecurity. Instead of hating the person for saying those mean things to you, try to feel the reason behind his bitterness. This will help you to be a good person to them. 

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